Decisions! Decisions! by somerset

Decisions! Decisions!

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Added: Jul 18, 2003
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This is a little darker than my usual stuff! done with deliciously black humour, don,t you think? heh heh!

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Linda, heh heh......deliciously cruel I guess! LOL!

meisarn's picture

Wonderful idea! And so well drawn too!

somerset's picture

Thank you dear Guest! ha ha naw, I think she's a bit of a vegi cat...although a bit naughty! lol!

Guest's picture

Aww shes not gonna eat the rats is she? Anywho... this is SO lovely. Very beautiful. Nice nice job.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tikos!

Guest's picture

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Her hands...

somerset's picture

Yay, for Thundercats nostalgia! thank you, David!

senecal's picture

My fascination with theriomorphs and the warm spot in my heart for the Thundercats cartoon are united in speechlessness!

Great work!

somerset's picture

Glad you can see the humour in this one, Marisa! y'know that was the point all along, no cheapness, just sweetness!

darksarcasm8's picture

Wow! Im absolutely speechless! The rendering of all three creatures is just so perfect! I even love your choice of colour (or lack of...?) And the title youve chosen for the piece is quite humourous, as well... hee hee! Great work!

somerset's picture

Great to hear from you Tom, coming from such a pencil Wizard this is indeed a boost!

portalrun's picture

Great work James ,facil expression is very captivating , excellent pencils...

somerset's picture

Many thanks, dear Guest!

somerset's picture

Thank you Barbara! yeah, that is the question!

somerset's picture

Yeah! Vicki! this Mr Hyde don't need no potions! lol! Thank you

somerset's picture

Strange as it may seem, I love mice! I remember when I was a boy, I caught a mouse in my Mother's kitchen, not having the heart to flush it down the toilet or consign it to the harsh winter weather, I decided to deposit the wee guy through the letter box of a nearby vacant house...thing is, a couple of months later, a new family moved into the empty house, no doubt unaware the place was already occupied! LoL! I swear that is a true story! thank you Michele-Lee!

somerset's picture

Thanks Rita, so would I!

somerset's picture

Well, it was you who suggested it mate, glad you approve, thanks Sean!

somerset's picture

Thanks Bill! I had a great laugh doing this one and a few tut tuts! lol!

Guest's picture

James, this is absolutely stunning, despite its more disturbing nature. It is so perfectly rendered, and the colors are so suited. Although I must confess that I am hoping the little ones will jump out of this kitty's paws and run away fast.

Guest's picture

I really like, the 'style' feline, it's very nice!Manon:-)

bernie's picture

Wow this is primal! Your dark side is coming out....I like it!

akeyla's picture

I agree with Bill corbett, one of the best anthro pics Smile
I really like the mixture of cat and human here, aswell the expression Smile yeah, which mouse tastes better? brown or white? *g*

rita's picture

James, this is so wonderful! I love it! Yeah, cute mice Wink and would like to have such a "cat" hi hi

pageaxe's picture

I figured if you went that way it would turn out cool,I'm glad you did.Ahh,the dark side!Nice one pal!

bcorbett67's picture

Ha! 'which one do I eat first?' nice one James!! I gotta say, this is definately one of the best Anthropomorth pictures I've seen for a long time - show em how it's done!!

Art at its best.