The Bard's Dream by somerset

The Bard's Dream

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 16, 2003
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I thought I'd do a new colour version of Titania

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Guest's picture

What an amazing play of light--impressive!!
-Kerra Lindsey

somerset's picture

Thank you, Cheryl! it's lovely to be appreciated by another pencil artist...and a great one at that!

cherber's picture

Wow! Your coloured pencil work is tremendous! I especially love the skin tones, and the characterization! Amazing work!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Stan! it is always a pleasure when you drop by!

swisnie's picture

James, just browsing through your gallery again. This is my favorite. Remarkable job of skin texture, especially in the "laugh lines" on the smirk. The warm orange colors are perfect.

somerset's picture

What an absolutely lovely comment, Lai! thank you so very much!

ebrian's picture

I always enjoy returning to you gallery.
Well, there is something beside your perfect technique, something with the emotion -- your characters are always so cheerful and merry. Even I was in a bad mood, I cant help beening touched by them and having smile on my face too.

And that is the very important value of art and painting, to make this world more beautiful Smile

somerset's picture

Thanks Janeen! I'll be watching out for more of your great creations!

madagascart's picture

Hey thanks for the post on my site! I had to check out your stuff... very good! You do very good work.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Nicole! so glad you liked the skin tones as I went over them quite a few times!

somerset's picture

Many thanks Judith, I'm glad I got the colour in this one the way I wanted, I think it adds a nice feel

nixjim13's picture

Lovely work as always. Your skintones always astound me Smile

judmetzger's picture

James, I love the face - wonderful color, and great expression. Another successful piece!

somerset's picture

Oh! Marisa, I should have known....not! from a weaver of magic like you, this is a treat, keep being great, and thank you!

somerset's picture

"as always" I must know you! even if I don't much thankiness to you!

darksarcasm8's picture

Oops, sorry... forgot to log in... that previous comment was from me=) Again, wonderful work... cant wait to see your new uploads!

Guest's picture

Beautiful work, as always, James! Iespecially love your choice of colours! Very, VERY well done!=)

somerset's picture

Thanks Jessica, I can't wait to see you back in the saddle, you are greatly missed! keep well!

Guest's picture

I don't know how you get those lustrous, vibrant colors out of a pencil! This painting just glows!

somerset's picture

Thanks Ihsan! I rely quite a bit on character in my work, hoping it will make up for any inadequacies! lol!

somerset's picture

Cheers, Bill! doing this one again in colour was a blast!

Guest's picture

You sure get some great character into those facial expressions, James Smile Nice to see this delightful work. There are a lot of subtle touches and details here. Nice work!

bcorbett67's picture

Excellent work again Jim! I love the expression and all the great little details.

somerset's picture

Thanks, Tom, I did this on dark brown heavy catridge paper, which meant having to do a few layers of pencils, especially white, it does seem to give the impression of paint!

portalrun's picture

This came out great James , very much like it was painted , excellent pencils , and fabulous details....

somerset's picture

Thanks, Mary! I thought I'd try and catch that summery feel that you seem to excel in!

somerset's picture

Thank you Vicki! yeah, the spider guy was inspired by Ric Quiros's great illustrations!

somerset's picture

Thank you, and it's funny you should mention the weather, Anne! cause the heat has caused me no end of trouble, y'see I draw flat so sweating hands can be a problem specially with watercolour pencils! drip drip..Argh!!!

somerset's picture

Thanks Rita, I,ve always liked this expression, and I just had to do a colour version to enhance it!

somerset's picture

Hoho! Sean, I didn't realize by posting again I'd lose my comments, just wasn't thinking! still I got another from you, so it was worth it, thanks my man!

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