Far from the field's we know by somerset

Far from the field's we know

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 14, 2003
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My friend Marcia, posed for and inspired this one..a real Princess!

"She breathed herself like whiskey
into his waiting brain,
All in amaze he turned and asked
the lady of her name,
You know me from your waking dreams
of when you were a boy,
I am the king of Elfland's Daughter"

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Brenda, I'm glad you like!

windfalcon's picture

So soft! All the colors and textures are wonderfully soft, quite fitting for such a beautiful scene.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita, glad you noticed the peacefulness of this one!

rita's picture

James, this painting is so peaceful. I love the birds & other animals! Just great!

somerset's picture

Such eloquence. David, A master of words as well as pictures! Thank you for your time and kind words.

senecal's picture

A living illustration.
I half expect her to move at any moment. This really strikes a chord.

It recalls classic storybook illustrations and to me, seems to describe what could be the progression from fascination with the tales of childhood to the later interests of... more grown up affairs!

You have infused this paper with magick. A wizard in our midst!

somerset's picture

Oops! and thank you for the lovely comment, Vicki!

somerset's picture

Hi, Vicki! Yeah, it was specially commissioned by her, and she was very pleased the way it turned out!

bernie's picture

She's a very pretty lady James!I bet she loved this! All the critters,and the details are stunning!Great work!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Andi! I'm glad you like it!

Guest's picture

This is a wonderful picture where you have used suttle lines and strong pastille colours to bring the picture to life. Exquisite work.

Andi Shock)

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley! I value your comments, especially when they're in my favour! lol! the lavender effect owes a lot to the fact that I used violet tinged colour catridge paper!

somerset's picture

Ho, Sean! and here was me thinking I'd made it too sparse! thanks, mate!

somerset's picture

Ha ha! yeah doing those little guy's was fun! thank you, Mary

somerset's picture

Hi, Bill, this was done on 32"X24" catridge paper, and yeah I've been lagging behind a bit, It's a mixture of this long hot summer and computer break downs that have slowed me down a touch, thanks my friend

somerset's picture

Thanks, Tiffany! I had a great time drawing those animals, birds and insects!

somerset's picture

Thank you for the lovely words, Kay! As for the comment on your gallery what I meant was, Clamy, cold to the touch, like a Vampire's skin!

rhiamon's picture

Awwwwwww, that's gorgeous, James! I love all the wee critters!

chutap's picture

thanks for your continuous support and coment on my stuff James!! btw what does 'clamy' mean? like clam...y??
as always you have managed to make her skin look so beautiful! its so smooth and silken, and the hands, bah i so suck at drawing hands! also, the trees, the birds and the animals are just top stuff! i hope to be as good as you when i grow up!

bcorbett67's picture

It's been too long between posts James! but it's great to see your newest work Smile This seems to be on a bigger scale than your previous work? it must have taken you quite a bit of time? anyway, great job (as ever).

pageaxe's picture

Really popping on this James,brilliant work.Looks like you threw everything including the kitchen sink in on this.Great work my friend!

thrax-1's picture

Thats an amazing image Jamesthe clearest of detail i've seen for coloured pencil,i'd rate this as one of my favourites for its realism,Great tonal work wich is both subtle and accurate.Those lavendarish backdrops always look good on my screen Smile

smbcabjnp's picture

This is beautiful James! I love the deer and the butterflies! Great job!

Art at its best.