What's My Name..mmm? by somerset

What's My Name..mmm?

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Added: Sep 18, 2003
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? I've since modified, since the window seemed too kinda flat!

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somerset's picture

Thanks, Rita! I had to distort my features quite a bit to get the right look for this one! heh heh!

rita's picture

Yeah, "... ach wie gut dass niemand weiss, dass ich Rumpelstilzchen heiß..." I always thought, he isn't that 'sweet', but well, now I can see him Smile Such a beautiful work, Jamie!

somerset's picture

Mmm I think I see what you mean! thank you Guest, I'll work on that!

Guest's picture

the window looks flat bcause u havent given it any WIDTH look at the little machine for example

somerset's picture

Thank you, Katherine! I'm glad you like him, even though he is a bit of a rogue! LOL!

Guest's picture

Oh! Wonderful! I am madly in love with Rumplestlitskin!...well, perhaps not, but I painted him once. Your rendering is much better than mine was, though. And with coloured pencils too! *reels* That face! Those slightly hairy arms! Your talent is entirely enviable indeed...I tell you, this is most excellent. And I want a dress made of that gold thread. 'Twould be rather heavy, but...oh, I digress. Sorry. A jolly good piece.

somerset's picture

Thanks, Uwe! it's always a pleasure to be visited by such a talent!

j-art's picture

it is realy unbelivabe what you can do with coloured pencil - and all of yours are a real joy to look at - thanks for posting Smile

somerset's picture

Ha, Vera, you are too modest! with your talent, I'm sure you could turn your hand to anything! thank you

vera-lucia's picture

The face is lovely! And i like the sparkles in the straw. i wish i could use the pencils this way, james.

somerset's picture

Ah, Vicki! I always aim to please, thank you muchly!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Bill, the computer's fine so far (fingers crossed), and I'm still trying to figure out the meaning behind your "Magpies and lies" piece! LOL!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Patrick! I always feel the eyes are the most important part of the face!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Mary, that was exactly the look I was hoping for!

somerset's picture

Yep, it's old Rumpy! and I'm glad you like him, Nell!

somerset's picture

Wouldn't it be nice if you could turn straw into a pile of cash! Rebecca, thank you!

somerset's picture

Yeah! Rachel, he's so smug, cause he thinks he's got everyone stumped, but we know, don't we! thank you so much!

somerset's picture

"Giggling"!!! I'll have you know that I posed for this one myself, Anne! and I was under the impression that I looked rather wind swept and interesting, so stop it I say! "giggling" indeed!....thanks, Anne, I think I'm doing it now! LOL!

bernie's picture

James,your characters always put a smile on my face! Thanks!

bcorbett67's picture

Priceless expression James, and wonderfully rendered to boot. Nice to see you back in your stride Smile hope your computer isn't playing up to much now?

megaflow's picture

Good personality and rendering as always! I really like how the shiny texture of the eyes stands out, bringing us right into the picture.

rhiamon's picture

Tee Hee!! He's a cheeky monkey! Love the gold thread!

elven-nell's picture

Rumplestiltskin!!! Great work, James! I adore the cheeky look on his face, classic!

goddessart's picture

James, this is absolutely delightful! The expression, the colors, everything is so delightful! Better start spinning that golden thread...

raich's picture

wow james! the expression on his face is priceless! just brilliant Wink

Guest's picture

Puddintane? Just kidding! Great piece, James - love the expression!!! I can't stop giggling...

Art at its best.