Another Ordinary Angel by somerset

Another Ordinary Angel

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Added: Nov 09, 2003
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somerset's picture

Thank you, Raine, such a lovely comment, you have made my day!

rainesz's picture

Absolutely stunning, James! The expressive hands and gentle eyes. And such brilliant colored pencil technique. Also liked your self-portrait! heh!

somerset's picture

Oh man grovel grovel! one day I will learn to keep my less than perfect wit to myself, Joshua! still I'm putting your pic at the top of the pile just to prove I can be bought! thank you so much!

joshuajmarsh's picture

First off, good job on the foreshortening, and really the hands in general. The feathers are so detailed, I bet it took you forever to do them. You really captured the expression well; it *looks* like an angel, if that makes sense. The lips, in particular are really well done. Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marie Rose, this is one of my favourites too!

gyrfalcontg's picture

omigosh I missed this one too... simply stunning! so so beautiful. I love the skin tones and the eyes... Fantanstic rendering job on the hands.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jackie! a lovely compliment from a lovely Artist!

Guest's picture

How did I miss this one before? The feathers and the eyes, especially the eyes, are wonderfully done. Nice composition too - an all around good job Smile

somerset's picture

And thank you, Marilyn! especially for bringing Santa into the galleries! kinda gets me into the festive spirit!

blueunicorn's picture

There is nothing ordinary about this angel! Those eyes! They promise so much. What incredible hands! I could trust those hands. Wonderful work, James, as always.

somerset's picture

It's funny, Patrick! but every time I try to plan out a schedule on up and coming stuff, I always end up doing something else!...Chaos! it works for me, thanks my man!

megaflow's picture

I can only echo what others have already said - great piece, and I can't wait to see your next!

somerset's picture

Wow, Uwe! Such lovely compliment, from such a talented guy! thank you so much!

j-art's picture

yesssssssssssss - a new McPartlin worke here - oh my god ---- the master of coloured pencil did it again - this is soo cool - i love it - those hands - the expression - i can hear the angel caling - come on come to me, don´t be afraid, trust me - and one look in his eyes and you trust him - fantastic work my friend

somerset's picture

Thanks, Larry! coming from you this means a hell of a lot!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Bill! I have been kinda busy lately, but hopefully I'll get time to do my own thing once the christmas rush is over! but, It's nice to see you're doing so well in the galleries with your excellent Artwork these days though!

doog's picture

James - Fabulous ! What beautifully drawn hands. Good job.

bcorbett67's picture

Nice one James, I haven't seen anything by you for a while and this is a good one to come back with Smile Great work as always.

somerset's picture

Thanks, Christine! your compliments are always a lovely treat!

somerset's picture

Hello, Anne! lovely, thank you!

somerset's picture

It's always hard to beat an original success, Jessica! but when I got the idea for this face, an Angel seemed the only logical choice, heh I convincing you? still I'm glad you like it, thank you so much!

somerset's picture

You are always welcome, Rita! thank you!

somerset's picture

Thanks Pal, I promise I'll try to do something wilder for my next one, I know how much you like to see more adventurous stuff! glad you liked it though, Sean!

rita's picture

I still love the other one, but this one is still breathtaking! Thanks James!

pageaxe's picture

Hey James my friend!This would be another run of the mill portrait to me and quite boring to be honest.But the fact of the matter is you have a great ability to breathe life into these in the expressions-especially the eyes,they have soul to them and this sets you apart from others.Well done buddy!

griffingirl's picture

Very interesting image..I simply HAD to click on it, to see what was going on! Wonderful androgyny...and technique, of course....

Guest's picture

James! Brilliant! Fabulous! You are amazing! Gosh.....this is beautiful!

Guest's picture

Wonderful James! It is always a pleasure to see one of your new works, but this one is exquisite. . . I think your first ordinary angel is still my favorite, but I wish you'd do a whole series of them, because they're both amazing!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Ashley! I'm glad you like this one!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley! this was a whole heap of fun to do!

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