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Added: Nov 26, 2003
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This is the result of an art trade between myself and the brilliant Epilogue Artist Christine M. Griffin!

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somerset's picture

Ha, Thank you, Rita, I'm gad you got a buzz outa this one too! LOL!

rita's picture

James, my friend, I cant belive, that I didnt do a comment earlier - because this is TOO CUTE. His eyes are so alive, his afraid smile perfect and the little bee is adorable! James, just a Masterwork again, hah, what else from you? !!! WONDERFUL DONE, just love it!

somerset's picture

To be honest I don't think I'd like one that close up to me either! thank you, Dani!

daniela's picture

bees scare me to hell but this image is wonderful.

somerset's picture

Thanks, Ruta! it's realy nice to be visited by such a great and original Artist! keep on keeping on!

sredare's picture

Never thinking if by pencil can express that subtle and delicate faces and many anothers things,you are master realy,best regards,Ruta

somerset's picture

Slurp slurp! I like I like! Christine, that would be more than I could have hoped for! if you are sure? get in touch and we'll arrange the, I'm so pleased and greatful...gotta dust down that wall and put a little curtain up for the unveiling! thank you, thank you, thank you!

griffingirl's picture

Back here again, James....would you like my recently posted angel in trade for this?? It's what I intended, but I was a'scared...haven't done much with watercolors before...

somerset's picture

Hi, Lucy! the pencils I use are Derwent watercolour or Caran D'ashe Prismallo watercolour pencils, I like to use lightly coloured heavy cartridge paper (helps give you some interesting skin colours), also when you use these pencils you have to go into the drawing quite a lot before you see any results, finely cross hatching your chosen skin colours, red, flesh, raw sienna, and then putting in your white highlights and dark details at the end, to get those shiny highlights in the eyes, just lick the end of your white pencil and spot them in...try it, I know you will crack it! thank you for the your kind comments and interest!

tigerzi's picture

This is just... amazing. It's so *real*, I feel I could reach out and stroke the little furry bee... I honestly don't know how you can create such stunning realsim with colour pencils, you talent is beyond my comprehension! I'd love to know what brand of pencils you use - although I doubt I'd be able to do anything half as good as this with them!

somerset's picture

Thank you, J.P! you have made my day!

vengince's picture

excellent James the rendering is superb!

somerset's picture

Oh NO! the nightmare of all nightmares, Jessica! I typed your name wrong! my appologies, it won't happen again!.......grovel grovel!

somerset's picture

Ha ha Yeah, totally whimsical this time, Jennifer! Glad you noticed the Bee, it was done quickly with no thought to detail, so as to give it a kinda realistic in-flight movement! thanks for dropping by, and I'll have to look up that poem!

Guest's picture

I love how you caught the little bee mid-flight! That's a fuzzy bumble if ever I saw one, and I love that the boy's face is soft and out of focus, it adds to the sense of motion. But it does kind of remind me of that Emily Dickinson poem about the fly - I hope this is an whimsical buzz, not a sinister one! Wink

somerset's picture

Hi, Bill! ho ho I'll have to do a trade with you sometime!...oh man, a great piece of art and a purse too! I'm rubbing my grubby little hands as we speak! LOL!

bcorbett67's picture

If it had been me on the end of that trade I would have paid you too!!! Lovely stuff James Smile

somerset's picture

Thanks Rachel! lovely to recieve your kind comments again!

somerset's picture

Ha, I'm glad too, Brian! a bit wimsical I admit, but the idea just kinda appealed to me at the time, thank you!

somerset's picture

No hurry! Christine, I've got it tucked safely away! great to hear from you, and thanks!

raich's picture

well, i already said that i love this, but i must say it again Wink really great work james!

Guest's picture

I'm surprised the mods let this through, and I'm glad they did. Very storybooky. Ordinarly I would complain about a lack of strong shadows but for the intent of the piece I think the softer tones work very well.

griffingirl's picture

Man, I gotta get crackin'! So I can get this lovely in my hot little hands....nice work!

somerset's picture

Yep! Uwe, this was one of the pictures that got lost after the big shutdown! but it was worth re-submitting just to get your lovely comments!

j-art's picture

think i saw this already - besides i checked out her gallery - wooooooooooweeeeeeee --- and again the expression on that faxe is outstanding a more than excellent picture - congrats

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