Mister Edward Hyde by somerset

Mister Edward Hyde

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Added: Nov 26, 2003
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Ha! this is an aquaintance of Doctor Henry Jekyll

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Thank you so much, Dear Guest Smile

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the eye looks as if it has come from a picture, perfect...

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Thank you, Stephen,
I always believed that the change in the "Jeykle and Hyde" story was more from within rather than physical....indeed there are certain addictive chemicals that can change mans behaviour for the worst, and it's usually only the eyes that show any real signs of the madness of substance abuse!

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pure madness!!!!
hi jame, how you doin'
hope you are well. i've just checked this piece out. man this is freeky.
give me the heebeegeebees. this is a really scary pickie. beautiful work i might add, again you capture something in the eyes that brings your work to life. top stuff...Wink

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Hi Karen
Thank you so much for these lovely comments! Cathie will be so over the moon when I tell her that you have been in touch! heh heh so c'mon don't be a stranger!

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Hi Jamie,

Well I can see that you have not lost your touch, from the old Thor comic books to what you are producing now. I see there is also a darker side to the wee lad I used to know. But your ability was always there. You have a natural gift for presentation keep up the good work.

You know who..!!!!

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Ja, Danke, Rita! I like the effects you can get with heavy shadow work!

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Wow James, what an evil grin - or is it just scary? A lot of emotions just in one painting. Great done - as always James!

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Thank you dear Guest! mmmm well I guess I've always been interested in art from a child onwards, but I stopped drawing for quite a few years from the age of 16, after a lifetime of neglect I got back into it again a few years ago! still I do believe that regret is a useless emotion so I like to see myself as a reborn scribbler! LOL! learning and hopefully improving my artwork all over again is a real blast! thank you for your comment and most refreshing question

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Grate work..You are the best.
When did you get serious with painting?how much did u painted?

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Thank you Kim, I am so honored that you have taken the time to take a peek at some of my stuff, Your work is of such a high quality I really can't wait to see more, take care, Jim

dkvision's picture

Hi James! Thanks for taking a look at my work it is awesome to see the work of a felly colored penciler ! You do beautiful work! Thank you for your kind comments and for bringing your fine work to my attention. This piece is one of my favorites! I love the drama!

somerset's picture

Thank you for the lovely compliment, Meike! from someone who weilds pencils as magically as you this is indeed a inspirational tonic

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Your expressions on people are priceless! I think I will study your work and learn from it Smile Can only love this! Thanks for tons of inspiration.

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Thank you, Jonathan! much appreciated

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I have to concur with your other visitors, you do great colored pencil work. I really like this piece...

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Thank you, Emily! you are very kind!

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Amazing! The skintones in your pictures never cease to amaze me. And the expression on his face is quite wonderful Smile

somerset's picture

Heh,heh, thank you, Michael!

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well done done he's quite mad indeed

somerset's picture

Thank you, Svenja! yeah, he does look a tad nuts, don't he! lol!

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this is purely insane. You pictures realy rocks...

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Thank you, Cath! yeah, the madness part was the bit I most wanted to get across!

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Great image - your abaility with skintone and facial expressions reminds me of Glenn Fabrey - really like the dramatic lighting that emphasises the madness Smile

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Thank you, Patrick! yeah, creepy is was I was looking for!

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What a creeeeepy fellow. The highlight on the eye is perfect - great effect.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jessica! Creepy! yeah, that's exactly what I was looking for by using the black paper

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This is so fabulously creepy, James! I love the way he melts into the darkness. . . it captures his character perfectly!

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Thanks, Bill! sure feels strange re-posting these pictures..but it feels great too! lol!

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I can't remember what I said originally James, but this is such a damn fine picture! I just had to tell you so! (again?)

Art at its best.