The Last Sphinx by somerset

The Last Sphinx

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Added: Mar 30, 2004
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(For My Mother)

Before the sun splashed orange
against an obsidian sky creating purple,
Before the moon and stars were placed
upon the night to give it beauty
You loved me.
The oceans had not yet begun their watery chorus
The earth was barren and without purpose
when you first cared for me.
Before god was born
Before he sent his people northward
to build great pyramids and temples,
You were my god and my temple.
You were my savior before horus or jesus,
Before moses led his people to the promised land,
You were the land that gave to me the promise of life.
Before men made flags and assembled armies to defend their empires,
my empire was you, my anthem was:
my mother's womb, i am of thee
sweet place of security, of thee i sing.
Before words like life, beauty, and love had meaning,
you gave them to me, like gifts from a queen.
Before i knew what love was, i gave it to you in return.
Before time carved mountains out of the pit of the earth and turned glaciers
into seas and seas into deserts, You shared with me a timeless, infinite love.
Long after the sun is a burnt out symbol of a past life and the oceans are a
sip of water in the universe, i will still love you.
Warm yourself my mother, with these thoughts
when it gets too cold outside.

Kenneth Carroll 1985

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pageaxe's picture

As I said before James,I knew it would not take you long to pick up on this medium.Fine job my friend.No one would ever believe this to be your second attempt.

Guest's picture

Sorry, James, forgot to log in when I left the "outstanding" comment. And it's still great, a second time around!
--Karyn Lewis

Guest's picture

My fav of yours so far. Love: The subtle shades of gray and yellow, the texture in the trees, the parka, the "knowing" look in the baby sphinx's eyes. Fabulous.

swisnie's picture

James, great job on the acrylics! This is incredible for only your second acrylic painting. I'd like to see more.

somerset's picture

I might just try oils, Tiffany! cause I'm finding the drying time for acrylics a bit too fast, still it's only my second painting so I might get more proficient with these paints in time, thanks for your support!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Bill! yeah I think I'll get there...eventually!lol! I'm still finding it strange using a brush instead of a pencil though!

smbcabjnp's picture

Good to see you get this done James! I really like the trees. So, did you like using acrylic? You should try something in oil!

bcorbett67's picture

Hey James, looks like you're really getting to grips with the acrylic - well done my friend!! I must say that I love those trees, great job.

Art at its best.