Cliodhna by somerset


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Added: Jul 19, 2004
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Cliodhna is modelled by Epilogue Artist Socar Myles

Cliodhna of Irish mythology, was one of the otherworld goddesses of beauty. It was said that she possessed three very fine, magical birds which could sweetly sing the sick into a deep sleep and cure them. The goddess was passionately in love with a mortal man named Ciabhan, a youth with curling locks of hair. One day, when Ciabhan was hunting and Cliodhna was walking along the shore near Cork, the sea god Manannan Mac Lir put her into a magic sleep and then sent a wave, which pulled her back to the Land of Promise.

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somerset's picture

Ha Uwe! man you have got to be one of the best flatterers I know and one of the finest artists! man, after a comment like that I'll be lucky to get my head through the front door! thank you my friend!

hythshade's picture

James, this is simply extraordinary. You definitely have the magic touch when it comes to portraits. Like all your pieces in your gallery the level of detail is nothing less than superb...Bravo!!!

j-art's picture

james, do you know the difference between us - i am maybe a painter - you my friend, you are a real ARTIST - so much feeling in your work, and so masterfuly done - i really cant describe my feelings when i have a look through your gallery, and again, that´s not only a compliment i rally feel so - boy you do really fantastic work - and again, it is so good to have a face to some of the names here in epilogue, now i know how the girl doing such wonderful art look like - this work my friend is a masterpice!

bladeofgrass's picture

As I already said once - you are indeed a MASTER, James!!!! So delicate and powerful ... ahhh ... Socar must be pleased... aww what a beauty!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Christine! yeah I hope she likes too!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! I'm glad the water worked out fine, it was kinda touch and go at one point!

somerset's picture

Thanks Scott! I love your vampire series!

somerset's picture

Hi Vicki! I'm glad you like this one!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rachel! I did put a lot of thought into the water effects, I'm glad it worked for you!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Elisa! heh I hope I got her right!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rebecca! I had a lot of fun doing this one

somerset's picture

Thank you Rebecca, once I had that water idea in my head I was determined to get it as good as I could!

somerset's picture

Thank you Abranda! the image Socar sent me was a brilliant help and inspiration

griffingirl's picture

Oh, James....the water is to-die-for! Such a light elegant...Socar should be most pleased!

rita's picture

Boy oh boy, anther masterpiece! Just love it. The color-changing from warm to cool is perfect...

sdavis123061's picture

I echo what the others have said, great work James!

bernie's picture

Oh wow-I love the angle on this one! The water looks amazing!-like you could jump right in!

raich's picture

Wow James, this is fantastic! I love the colours and the water is so well done. Such a moving piece.

sofia's picture

wow. amazing work! the water is wonderful. I too, have never seen a pic of Socar. this looks so young and fresh, dewy...wonderful work

goddessart's picture

James, fabulous work! So soft, so beautiful and eerie. The water is just perfectly done. I love this piece.

beckysinz's picture

Wow! This is fantastic! You've done an amazing job on the water. Beautiful work!

abranda's picture

The texture of the water is absoletly perfect. What a beautiful image. Another favorite! I've never seen a picture of Socar, but what a lovely face!

Art at its best.