the Prometheus touch by somerset

the Prometheus touch

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 05, 2004
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"the Prometheus touch" was modelled by Epiloge Artist Erika Schulz

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Thank you, Lindy, yeah I try to get as near to Erika's likeness as possible, and hopefully get just a little tiny bit of her personality in there too!

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I love the tiny details that makes her face so unique

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Thank you, Jenny! the idea of bringing inanimate ojects to life is an old one....but still fascinating!

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What a lovely concept! I love the bird taking flight. Great work on the freckles as well, so lifelike! Smile

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Ah thank you, Patrick! always a pleasure to hear from you my friend!

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Thank you, Madeleine! what a lovely comment, I'm speachless!

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wow - a very nice portrait and a fresh, interesting Fantasy concept. Well done!

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Oh, wow, I really envy your mind, coming up with all these wonderful pictures and settings. I crawl at the floor before you for your awesome talent in colored pencils. Gads, you must have such a patience! Wonderful!!!

somerset's picture

Ha, how could I refuse such an offer! yes of course, Simon, nothing surer! thank you!

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Yet again I'm amazed that you - or anyone for that matter - can do something like this in pencil! The eyes, and indeed the whole face, are almost perfectly rendered. Hey, if you ever want to do a portrait of a malformed beast... I'm available Smile

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Thank you, Erika, it was a real pleasure portraying you! and rhe freckles, well I think freckles on skin are lovely and add a more human dimension to a figure (mmm does that make sense?) and as for the queen, well as long as her majesty doesn't mind a fantasy portrait heh heh normal sittings aint my bag! LOL!

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Preditorial huh? Thats the first time that word has been used to descibe myself. I use intense a lot but then again I am an artist (you thought I was going to say red head didn't you Wink ). It is really nice to see this piece in a larger format. I still cant believe you picked up on my freckles, and after I went to all that trouble of trying to cover them up! Oh well, you made them look good James. In fact you made it all look good. Your becoming quite the master pencil artist. I am just happy I got my portrait done before you paint the Queen because when that happens we are all going to be paying you big bucks for the honour.

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Thank you, Chris, predatorial, yeah! heh heh!

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Thank you, Rita! more? yep nothing surer!

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Thank you so much, Sarah

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Thank you, Elisa, y'know the biggest inspiration for these pictures is mainly due to the wonderfully charismatic models who appear in them!

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Fantasy? what fantasy? you'll be telling me there's no such thing as fairies next! (shakes head) I worry about you, Kay, I really do! still, thank you for the nice words!

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Thank you, Marley, yeah I thought it was time to put down some of my own ideas, some of which may be quite strange heh heh!

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Has a truly surreal quality, this does. The expression is interesting...almost predatorial....hmmm....I like....

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Jamie, my friend, what a beautiful, wonderful painting - again!! Love the little bird! And as always you painted the skin tones so perfect. WAITING FOR MORE Smile

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*speechless* (and that NEVER happens)

This is just wonderful!

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another amazing piece. your work is always so lifelike. And the concept in this one is just beautiful.

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Absolutely lovely James. What a wonderful imagination you have. What a challenge too. I love how you can bring each excellent portrait into the realm of fantasy.

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That is very creative james, as usual you have done justice to the model with excellent pencil work!. That little birdie is also very nicely drawn =D. another nice one james!.

Art at its best.