Eine Welt aus Stein (a world of stone) by somerset

Eine Welt aus Stein (a world of stone)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 24, 2004
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Artwork Description

"Medusa" was modelled by Epilogue Artist Rita Ria

"Stone, the world is stone
Cold to the touch
And hard on the soul
In the grey of the streets
In the neon unknown
I look for a sign
That I'm not on my own
That I'm not here alone"

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somerset's picture

Heh she probably thought "bad hair day" thank you, Renata

queenofchaos's picture

I wonder what Rita thought when she woke up and looked in the mirror that morning....just kidding...I love this piece. Excellent work James

somerset's picture

Thank you, Patrick! I am kinda pleased with his one, I'm glad you like it!

megaflow's picture

Wow, James - nicely done. Those snakes have a lot of movement, while the rest of the picture is very solid and placid. Good job.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Dear Guest, I really appreciate your lovely comments!

Guest's picture

wow, this looks really great! I like the way you painted these snakes in the hair, esspecially their eyes! Everything looks so real!

somerset's picture

Ha Ha Yeah, Uwe! same here, my reflection each morning certainly aint for the weak hearted! thank you, I'm glad you like!

j-art's picture

wow - James this is a wonderful piece again - i just wonder why i haven't got such an idea earlier, i mean this happens to me all day - every morning when i look in the mirror, a really unbelievable scary reflection looks back at me - hehe - no seriously - a fabulous piece of art once again - i really love your series....

somerset's picture

Thank you, dear Guest! different is what I am aiming for these days, I'm glad you like

somerset's picture

Thank you, Scott, I really liked doing this one, kinda different for a change!

somerset's picture

Heh heh, not my usual kind of work, Inge! but but I'm trying to use some familiar ideas with an original twist these days! thank you for the lovely comments

Guest's picture

What an interesting painting! The idea is superb. The model looks just perfect for Medusa, a little sad but not scared. Great work.

sdavis123061's picture

Fantastic rendering as always James. You really capture excellent skin tones with this medium. Using the reflection to show her true face is a nice touch also, rather than just painting her as the character directly. Very nice work James.

Guest's picture

You did it again James... Beautiful portratit once again... kinda creepy this time...

somerset's picture

Thank you, Simon! yeah, this does have a kinda creepy feel! man, I'd have heart failure if this happened to me on the tube!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Bill! Yeah, that's it! that's what I was trying to get, the reflection looking at you! heh heh it is the only way you can see Medusa's image without turning to stone!

Guest's picture

Amazing realism and skin tones again, and this time creepy with it - love that stare in the reflection. Another top-class job.

bcorbett67's picture

Very nice work James, I like the way the reflection looks straight at you in that eerie way. I can imagine that quick glimpse as you go through a short tunnel, and the next time you look it's all back to normal again.

somerset's picture

Ah Thank you, Rita! and thank you for being the most lovely inspiration for this one!

rita's picture

Ha James, I knew it will become a smashing painting! I do like all my little snakes around - sure miss them, when I look in an ordinary mirror, but more easy to brush! lol. Wonderful done my good friend!

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