Queen Medb by somerset

Queen Medb

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 21, 2005
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Artwork Description

The Mythical Queen of Ireland and enemy of the mighty hero Cuchulainne.

Queen Medb was modelled by Epilogue Artist Jodi Horne

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somerset's picture

I'm glad you like her, Jennifer, a compliment from such a talented artist inspires and delights me hugely! thank you

jensingleton's picture

What a beautiful, expressive face, so much character and a perfect Queen Medb! Your art is beyond lovely, James, I love it!

somerset's picture

Hello, Uwe, my friend, yep it's good to hear from you again....and even better still when we see some more of your amazing work hitting this site!

j-art's picture

oh - wow - she really seems to be dangerous - wonderful piece once again!!! - good to have you all back here Wink - missed your art....

somerset's picture

Maybe it does, Amy, maybe it does heh heh! Thank you

toeknuckles's picture

goodness, james! this is just wonderful. i like the snake especially. it almost seems amused, like it knows something i don't.. sly bugger. Wink

somerset's picture

Ah thank you, Christine, I do suspect that you are having such a wonderful time with your new incredibly stunning direction and it shows beautifuly!

griffingirl's picture

Oooooo! I adore snakes! Everytime I tour your gallery, it makes me wanna pick up my pencils again. You are so consistant and skilled, it's inspiring! *two thumbs way...WAY....up!*

somerset's picture

Ha thank you, Christopher, I'm pleased that you like it my man!

christar's picture

Holy Crap, that's the most photo-realistic colored pencil drawing I have ever seen! Colored pencil magic!

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Jenga, a valued opinion from a great Artist!

jenga's picture

This is one of my favorites, I saw it first on Jodi's LJ and I think it is just magnificent. Great portraiture.

somerset's picture

Yeah she is hot aint she! thanks for being a marvellous model, Jodi!

somerset's picture

Thank you Inge......and I have not forgotten! hint hint!

boogarshadow's picture


Heheheeh Oh wait, it's ME!!! LOL..

I am already a Huge fan of your work!!!
And I am THRILLED beyond WORDS to own this one!!!

Guest's picture

Great once again... Wonderful portrait Wink

somerset's picture

Wow thank you, Jasmine! your comment has made my day!

somerset's picture

Ha Marley, you got me! heh heh well I guess a little odd don't hurt too much! LOL! thank you!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rachel, yeah Jodi does have a great expressional face, such a joy to work with!

somerset's picture

Thank you very kindly, Elisa!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita, always a pleasure to recieve your lovely comments

strangeling's picture

Absolutely beautiful drawing - that's my friend Jodi - I'd recognize her anywhere!!!

thrax-1's picture

holy cow!. i nearly forgot at how good you do portraits. Is she been handed the snake from behind the curtains. Because if it is her arm, it looks kinda odd XD. Regardless james.. Top Notch work!

raich's picture

Fantastic work James, i love the expression on her face Smile

sofia's picture

O.O fantastic!

rita's picture

Ooops, sorry! OK, here again:

Jamie, this is so incredible good. I just love the little snake and her look is just prizeless! Wonderful work my friend! I KNEW it's brilliant!

Art at its best.