Trophies of War Gifts of Peace by somerset

Trophies of War Gifts of Peace

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 22, 2005
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the bard maiden was modelled by Jenny Dolfen and the dragon warrior was modelled by Ken Meyer Jr, Epilogue Artists extraordinaire.

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somerset's picture

I'm glad you see it that way, Brenda, I like to think that strength lies more in our humanity rather than brute force. Thank you

windfalcon's picture

Somehow the woman of peace seems stronger than the man of war - maybe it's her confident expression. Two things that really catch my eye are the unicorn and the jaws of that dragon - I love them!

somerset's picture

Ha thank you, Laura, I really have to give a lot of the credit to the brilliant models I had for this one!

brighnasa's picture

What a lovely pair. I especially like the crocodiley mouth on the dragon and the exceptionally detailed fabric of her skirt. It's just wonderful.

somerset's picture

Ha great to hear from you again, Jessica! hope you don't stay away sooooo long this time!

joshuajmarsh's picture

Oy! I haven't stopped by Epilogue since *forever*. You're still turning out masterpieces. Some things never change.

somerset's picture

I knew you would like this one, Rita! as you can see I took your advice on the doves idea, thank you so much for your inspirational input!

rita's picture

James, this is so great. I love the difference between war / peace. All the details. And the water is great-as always! Wonderful done!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Joanna, you know how much I apreciate your kind words!

somerset's picture

You know, Marley, I always seem to smile when I get a comment from you, you always get straight to it with a nice feeling of sencerity and warmth, thank you, Buddy!

joanna79's picture

Oh! Amazing work! The details are, as you've heard frequently, amazing but I particularly love the different fabrics on the maiden and the beautiful glimmering water in the difficult to achieve! I am green with envy!I always look forward to seeing your work posted!

somerset's picture

I have to agree with you, Uwe, my friend, these models sure made this pic very special to me, thank you!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Chris, hey! the 70's where a pretty cool time and mullets ruled.......I think!

somerset's picture

Ha ha, well, Ken, I must admit that your hair does look a touch more slick here, but only because you have just battled your way through a barbarian hoard mmmm bound to raise some sweat on the brow and flatten the blow-dry a bit, thank you my friend for being such a great sport and model!

somerset's picture

Ah thank you, Scott, this kind of praise from a man like you is indeed a boost to the system!

somerset's picture

Oh Thank you, Nell, I'm glad yo liked this one

somerset's picture

Thank you, Patrick, y'know I am trying to think more about the background and props these days, I think I am begining to learn how important these things are to a good picture!...I will plough the field my friend!

somerset's picture

Funny thing is, dear Guest, I did think about that, maybe I will do a couple of detail shots like that! thank you!

somerset's picture

Heh heh thank you, Dani, I aint forgot you know..."well get on with it!" says you.....mmmmm...OK!

somerset's picture

Ha ha glad you could stomache it, Jenny, oh God, that was a bad pun! still thank you for being a most lovely and gracious model!

j-art's picture

James this is an awesome piece of fantasy art! And as your models are two really outstanding artists makes this piece even more special! As you said so right – Extraordinaire!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

griffingirl's picture

You're pining the loss of your mullet, Ken??? job, James!

Guest's picture

Well, this is a first...very few have drawn/painted me, aside from myself, and certainly nothing like this. I have one question, James...where is my Mullet?

sdavis123061's picture

Wow James, it just astounds me how you can takes colored pencils and make them look like a painting as you blend everything so smoothly. To me this has a real "old world" look and feel to it. I think this is one of your best, fantastic work James! Smile

megaflow's picture

Spectacular work, James! I love seeing our fellow Epilogue people come to life this way, too. Every element in this shows care and skill. I do have to agree with the guest's comment though - I'd love to see the contrast worked on a bit in PhotoShop. I'm sure the whites are brighter in the original?

elven-nell's picture

James this is a stunning piece. I'm kinda lost for words. You're a modern master!
Hey, where do I sign up to be drawn?! Wink

thrax-1's picture

Boy something went "ping" when you thought this up didn't it?. This is astonishing work james. I bet that dragon rider is saying something like. "ear you go me lady, a nice Irish potato" XD HAHA yea, i'm sure of it. Definately one of your best now (till the next piece comes along).

Guest's picture

Damn this is an awesome illustration. You've got an eye like a hawk James. One small nitpick, wish you could up the brightness, contrast,and intensity a bit on this in photoshop.

daniela's picture

Hi James, back in coloured pencils? I like the difference between the ‘war’ part and the ‘peace’ part . Great colours too. Your style is unmistakable, the medium you use doesn’t matter, you are a great artist!

goldseven's picture

*snatch* First comment! Wow! This turned out so wonderful, James - Even if I wasn't in it, it would still be one of my favourites of yours. I like the two parts, and the dominant colours in both of them. And well - I really look like me! =D (And I still love the belly) Wink

Art at its best.