Coffee Break by somerset

Coffee Break

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Added: Feb 10, 2006
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Artwork Description essential part of an artists kit!

Modelled by my sister, artist Cathie Brock.....she will kill me for this!LOL!

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somerset's picture

Only a year apart age wise, we are very similar, people are never surprised to learn that we are related! but unlike me, Cathie is very sensible and with her feet planted firmly on the ground (no pun intended about those feet!) heh heh thank you, Pierre!

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Uwe, the positive side to having big feet is you sure do have a better than average grip on the Earth! LOL!

carles's picture

Just awesome caricature James. And indeed, she looks a lot like you ! Oh my, oh my !! I almost woke my wife up giggling ! Smile

j-art's picture

James I really don’t know what to say about this piece, it is so absolutely awesome! But please next time you post a piece like this please post something like a caution sign as well, cause now I have to clean up my desk as I spit all the coffee I just was about to drink all over the place as I opened the picture!
James you made my day with this picture. I bet your sister loves it, even she has a pair of ummm lets say good sized feet Smile).
Oh another thing what I love about the piece even it is a caricature I could tell that this is your sister, she looks very much like you. Really great work my friend!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Malcom, it was nice to let loose with the pencils without the usual anatomical worries!

somerset's picture

Me in drag ha ha, Kay! actually my nightie is much more classy!LOL! thank you so much!

Guest's picture

My goodness she looks so much like you.
Ha...I have to confess. I saw the thumbnail and thought...OH what a hoot. James did a characture of himself in drag.

Totally amazing characture work James. You captured the tech perfectly. Kudos.
Actually stick some blond hair all screwed up in a messy rubberband on top and it is me...delete canvas and replace with computer. I paint in me robe...hold me cup like that and have the same wide eyed grin...gonna make you cookies later look. I just love this...too coooooool.

fantasist's picture

What a delightful character. You really are a master of this medium. Brilliant!

somerset's picture

Oh as for doing more, Matt.....yes, nothing surer!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Christopher! hope that one day you will continue to submit, the bigger this place gets the better it gets!

Guest's picture

This is a hilarious caricature! great work Mr. McPartlin!

somerset's picture

Heh Stephen, glad you liked the fun in this one, thank you!

somerset's picture

Ha Simon, you guessed it!...I think the feet where a dead give away though! Thank you!

somerset's picture

Yep we are pretty similar, Siravalenta! in fact when I wear my dress you would almost believe we where sisters! LOL! thank you!

somerset's picture

Ha, Matt, I have to admit that I have been known to sit sketching in my underpants, specially in the summertime! heh heh not a pretty sight I can asure you! LOL! thank you!

somerset's picture

Sure Rita, it would be a pleasure! thank you!

Guest's picture

great pic james,
great sense of humour

Guest's picture

This has loads of character, I like it a lot. BTW - is your sister a hobbit?

mythmaker's picture

Heh heh... cool! There's certainly a little family resemblance in there! Laughing out loud

mattbradbury's picture

Hi James, this is exactly how I start my day, except I'm in front of a computer screen and not a canvas. I'm amazed how you've managed to exaggerate and yet still keep her so convincing as a character. I guess that's what makes a good caricature! are you going to do more?

rita's picture

AWWWWWWWWW, hope you will survive, James. THIS IS SO FANTASTIC!!! I love how you have done this, as I think a good caricature is so much more difficult than a normal portrait. May I ask for one of me ? :DDD

Art at its best.