The Fondest Heart by somerset

The Fondest Heart

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 22, 2006
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The fondest heart" is modelled by artist Teresa Tunaley

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Forest, I'm so glad you like.

forestrogers's picture

Oh -- delightful, James! And such wonderful pencil work!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Anna, ha yeah but I think these little guys would be a bit messy around the house! LOL!

Guest's picture

Her dress is gorgeous. I want the dragon AND that dress... Smile You're very good at portraits.

somerset's picture

Ha ha "singed upholstery" yeah! and I bet the little guy would come in handy if you do a spot of outdoor camping too! thank you so much, Jessica.

Guest's picture

She's wonderful, but I can't stop looking at that adorable little dragon. He's got so much expression he's like a caricature--but I totally believe he's real. I second Rita, I want one! Who cares about singed upholstery?

somerset's picture

Ha ha thank you, Raine, yep I have an electric sharpener.....saves the strain on my wee fingers LOL!

rainesz's picture

Once more, everyone has said it all before me, but your gallery is amazing (and fun to read). This piece to me has a Renaissance portrait feel to it--the landscape behind Teresa and the golden tones and attention to costume detail. Nice seeing such vibrant happy reds! Great color balancing. I hope your pencil sharpener is electric.

somerset's picture

Ah how ya doing, Stephen, my man! Looking forward to viewing your new stuff, it's been a wee while since your last piece. Glad you like this one, thank you so much, my friend.

Guest's picture

hey james,
how's you buddy?
it's been a while since i've browsed the pages of this fine website.
and here i find you have been a busy man again. and i have to say that all of your pieces have a certain individual charm and striking promenance in a medium that is often overlooked and is difficult to handle.
but james this is a real joy my friend
i actually feel better for seeing it not many pieces of art i have seen recently exude this sort of radiance and skill. thank you for producing this art. well i'm off now.take care, steve

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Walt, your comments are very much appreciated.

baylessiii's picture

Amazing colored pencils again! The detail and sensitivity to this wonderful portrait is incredible. Strolling through your gallery, all your work has a rich classical feeling to it, something I love very much. Very nice stuff, James.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rachel, glad you like.

raich's picture

Aww James, this is such a cute portrait. I especially love how vibrant the colours are. Lovely work!

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Daniela, glad you like.

daniela's picture

the way you use pencils never cease to amaze me. how can you do that?? really fabulous colours!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Uwe, ha all the girls will be wanting one of these little guys now!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Michael, such a lovely lady, she was a joy to portray.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Matt, I'm sure I got the tip to keep the pencils sharp from someone in the epi forums.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Pierre, I love doing fabrics, it to me is the less stressful part of the work.

j-art's picture

Just wonderful James! And what a cute dragonbaby, my girlfriend fell totally in love with it Smile

hythshade's picture

Excellent work James. The look on her face really sells the piece. Well done my friend.

mattbradbury's picture

Fantastic as always James, I'm intrigued as to how you got that fine white pattern in her clothes, you must have the sharpest pencils in the world. Beautiful work!

carles's picture

If I had one thing to add to the others' comments, I would mention the fabric of her dress. How you managed to draw the patterns in a realistic way among all those folds is just amazing to me. Great work again James.

somerset's picture

Thank you Dean, I may add a couple more details in the background this weekend too!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Chris, yeah I see where you are coming from, I will work on that this weekend!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita, sure you can have long as you are prepared to put up with singed furniture!LOL!

griffingirl's picture

Wonderful combo of her cheerful smile and the adorable dragonling...dragon (But on a critical note, she needs just a tiny bit more skull/hair by her right temple.) That notwithstanding, I love the colors too! Nice job, James!

sdeanbloom's picture

I love all your portraits, James! Like Rita says, this one really glows. I especially like the robe she is wearing. The bg is a bit flat for me, but I love the pieces regardless.

I think you are doing a great thing by immortalizing artists like this!

rita's picture

This is sooo fantastic, James! The skintones are almost glowing and her eyes are so charming. The little dragon got all my heart! I WANNA ONE TOO!! OUTSTANDING AGAIN

Art at its best.