Fragile by somerset


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Added: Aug 14, 2006
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fragile are the ties that bind"

Modelled by artist Dawn Jane Holliday.

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somerset's picture

Thank you, JM, you are so kind!

jmleottiart's picture

I love the beauty and emotion in this piece. The pencil work is just fabulous. Great texture in the garment!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley, always great to hear from you man!

somerset's picture

Heh heh Steve..your getting like me, forever forgetting to log in! LOL!

thrax-1's picture

you have sensational skills james, unique talent. You always know what makes a portrait work for each model. Fantastic ^^

Guest's picture

hey james it's me steve boulter
i left the last message seems im a guest now?

somerset's picture

Thank you dear Guest, always great to recieve such a lovely compliment

Guest's picture

hey james,
good to see another of your great pieces here,
beautiful work my friend.

somerset's picture

Thank you Forest, yeah I think she has a lovely kinda fairytale beauty.

forestrogers's picture

Lovely! Wonderful, indivudual face...

faerywitch's picture

James, it is lovely. Her face is so sweet!
your two last additions are great!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Renata, such a pleasure to hear from a favourite talent such as yourself!

queenofchaos's picture

James this is one of the most beautiful creations ever....what a perfect title....Your work is marvelous

somerset's picture

Thank you, Malcolm, I use watercolour pencils, some of the sparkly bits are achieved by adding water or licking the end of the pencil.....yuk!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tom, she really is a pretty and sweet looking girl I'm glad I managed to capture this.

somerset's picture

Weird...honestly I really was thinking about doing that Ken! it sort of struck me as I was studying the pic that shadows where missing in places for the flowers! Thanks my friend!

kenmeyerjr's picture

While you're at it, since my mission in life is to make you work as hard as possible, you could probably add some consistent shadows under the daisies as well.

fantasist's picture

Beautiful work, James. How do you achieve such deep colours and rich textures using coloured pancil? It really is amazing, and I admire it greatly.

portalrun's picture

Beautiful work James, specaily the face, nice smooth shades, very sweet to view..

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita, heh heh I guess even though it's not really an error as such, more a perception of what people see, still I may need to address it to stop confusion.....glad you share my eyes though! LOL!

somerset's picture

Actually, Jane, the daises where a bit of light relief and I quite enjoyed doing them. Thank you so much.

somerset's picture

Thank you dear Guest, yep I'll make the arm effect much clearer when I get a chance.

somerset's picture

The thing is Ken, because your artistic eye can see this then it surely begs a question, and now the more I study it I can see what you and others are percieving too! the material being laid flat against the skin isn't leaving a shadow line which is causing the confusion....and really no amount of explaining will solve the optical effect this is conveying to the viewer.....groan! Indeed I'll have to make changes to clarify this! Thank you my friend for keeping me straight:)

darkling's picture

This is such a beautifully rich piece-were the daisies the hardest part of it?

kenmeyerjr's picture

Well, of course, when you look at it for a bit, your mind kicks in and you understand the arm is covered by fabric, etc. I just think a little tinkering would make it even more believable...if those amulets have any bulk, it seems they would be casting deeper shadows, and the fabric might cast at least a tiny shadow...maybe I will pull it into photoshop and try it to see if it works.

rita's picture

Sorry, I cant see it - for me it looks just wonderful - maybe it is, because I know those kind of amulets? Wonderful work and how lovely those daisies are!!!

Guest's picture

I have to agree with Ken.. The arm looks a bit odd because there is no shadows to seperate the lovely amuleted fabric and her flesh. It does make it look like an odd shaped arm if you dont know what your looking at. Its a very sweet peice, her face is amazing..

somerset's picture

Thank you, pal, yeah your just wacko, Ken....I hope?? LOL! those little stud things appear to be on the actual material to me, (man that would be one weird shaped arm if they where circling around it) you have got me thinking though! maybe it's me who's wacko!....indeed does anyone else see this???

kenmeyerjr's picture

Gorgeous face, James! I have one small problem with this one, though. Those amulets attached to the sleeve...they also sort of look they are wrapped around a very strangely shaped arm. Maybe some holes where the amulets go into the fabric, and some shadows within/underneath, so it is more evident that those amulets are actually entering/attached to the fabric? Anyone else think this or am I just wacko?

Art at its best.