The Gift by somerset

The Gift

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 04, 2006
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The Gift" was modelled by epilogue artist Erika Schulz.

This is an image that stems from my memories of the X-Men comics that I adored and still do! Jean Grey/Marvel girl who later became Phoenix was my fave x-man character!

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somerset's picture

Sure is Joe, thank you

aramar's picture

This really caught my eye.Thats such an intense gaze she has. Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Sue, yeah Erika is a beautifully expressive model...oh and a SUPERB artist too Smile

Guest's picture

You've done it again!! I would not like to cross this lady! LOL The perspective is expertly done, needless to say, as is the use of your medium. Smile Sue UK

somerset's picture

Wow thank you Renata! Smile

queenofchaos's picture

This one is one of my all time favorites....Outstanding!!!

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Sissy, and your English is lovely! Smile

sissyjacinto's picture

Thank you very much, your work is excellent really I am charmed, have very much realism and Expressiveness. He is a very good artist.
And pardon for my English even I am studying the language.

somerset's picture

Thank you for your lovely comment, BoSt Smile

Guest's picture

from BoSt
I really like the way you've been working your face and skin colours in these latest pieces. The extra work is paying off. You also have quite a talent as a portraitist.

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Jeff!

thejeff's picture

james, she has some real intensity! very nice (as usual)

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Nouha, your comments are always very special:)

Guest's picture

when i saw the pic the first thing i liked is the look of that girl i don't kmow why but i think that look ment something for me,you did a great work.take care.

somerset's picture

Oh my! it is so lovely to be complimented by such a great artist, JM, thank you!

jmleottiart's picture

Great concept and well done! It's not easy to pull this kind of thing off, and you did a great job!

somerset's picture

What have you done Pierre!!!!....Dark that is one excellent idea! YEAH........

carles's picture

Oh dear, I had to read Rita's comment to realize that I was wrong indeed: this was definitely not your second portrait of Erika ! It's getting into a habit it seems !! Smile Let us hope she does not turn into the Dark Phoenix version of Jean Grey !

somerset's picture

To be appreciated by such a great artist, Forest, is an honour indeed!

forestrogers's picture

So wonderful, James! Gorgeous pencil work, and what an image!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Steve, I must take time out to visit your amazing gallery!

somerset's picture

I'm doing great, Stephen, thank you for asking my friend! it's a kinda simple idea but I had fun doing this one....apart from washing up the cuttlery afterwards! LOL!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Benita, yep Erika sure has the look!

sferris's picture

Great Job James!


Guest's picture

hi James hope you are ok,
another 'stunna' the face is so luminous
and real looking,
i love the quality and the texture of the objects in the foreground giving the picture a nice depth
great idea as well a technical and artistic achievement. the eyes are gorgeous but i think it helps having a beautiful subject.
realy realy great. well done indeed
take care buddy.

dunkelgold's picture

I love the idea and she looks really gorgeous! Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you Rita, yep you are right, Because she is such a fabulous model Erika does make an addictive inspiration

somerset's picture

Thank you Chris! I think this all flows from my memories of the X-Men comics and the early Jean Grey /Marvel girl idea!

somerset's picture

Thanks Ken, the girl is brilliant, kinda cinematic and superb inspiration!

somerset's picture

Thank you Pierre, yes this is my latest of Erika and hopefully not my last!

Art at its best.