Wings Of Speed by somerset

Wings Of Speed

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Added: Aug 06, 2007
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Modelled by artist Renata Cavanaugh.

"Fly on wings of speed
That will bring you home to me
I'll never be free - from the darkness I see
As I wait for your smile.
Though my hands are tied,
My feet are bound by fate
With clay at the base - As I sit and wait
What visions I see"

lyrics by Paul Weller

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somerset's picture

Hi Kay, Thank you and sorry for the delayed reply! ha yeah, I think that I'm the lucky one, I just pray that I do justice to these gorgeous girls....hey! does this mean that you will be willing to pose too??? Smile

chutap's picture

wow this is awesome James! You are so lucky to have many beautiful lady artists modeling for you, or rather, they are lucky to have you drawing them (or it goes both ways, ha ha!) love the clouds, rendering of musculature in this. She looks very meditative!

somerset's picture

I guess that if the Lady is beautiful to start with then the rest of the picture just kinda takes care of itself! Thank you, Renata, for being a most gorgeous model Smile

queenofchaos's picture

Dear James
I thought I have already left you a comment on this beautiful piece. I love the glowing skin tones and the detail on the dress so much. You did amazing job and I am so honored to be part of it.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Simon, yeah I'll do as you say and play around with the contrast and see what I can achieve with that....glad you like Smile

Guest's picture

Another excellent drawing, wonderful skin tones and anatomy. Have you thought of digitally increasing the contrast, though, the scan seems a little dull

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita...hope she does too! Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Marley, yeah I know I'm getting there slowly, and lighting has always been my weakest point...gotta learn to slow down and prepare more at the start I guess! thank you so much for your encouragement and constructiveness...helps to make me strive for improvement my friend! Smile

rita's picture

Brilliant idea and of course most marvellous done! Renata sure LOVES it!

Guest's picture

Hey James, more beautiful work, each piece seems to contain that extra bit of realism over the last.lovely clouds btw..One day though, James, I hope you draw in a strong lightsource in the actual image, a bit of light bursting through the clouds casting a glow on her as an eg: would be cool..
High quality work regardless Smile....Marley

Art at its best.