Galadrial's Mirror by star-rat

Galadrial's Mirror

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Added: Feb 08, 2003
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This was one of the most memorable scenes from the book for me. I don't know why.

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Guest's picture's a Rackham!

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This is my favorite! It is amazing, you are extremely talented Scott. I seen on your bio that you claim to not have any experience, then you must be a very gifted individual. Im gonna go on and what else you have posted. Congrates on your new found talents!!! REALLY, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL***PLAW***

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Fantastic! I am a huge Book fan, and not so much the movies. You really captured the essence of this scene in the book. Very, VERY well done.

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really brilliant work. wish i could do that. ah well. yeah, it is great.

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awesome job, the hobbits look a bit frumpy but I guess those are Tolkien's hobbits as opposed to PJ's hobbits Tongue

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But it looks to me as if Frodo can see right down Galadriel's top and is entranced by her push-up bra. Sam just looks far too ... How to put this ... buck-toothed and generally ...ignorant. Your work is beautiful but the posing and feeling from this one just does not hit me as LOTR or Galadriel or Frodo or Sam and never do I deny others their freedom for interpretation. In fact, I love seeing others' interpretations but I would suggest a different pose and maybe rethinking some of the characters' physicality.

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How did you make the gras look grassy? I paint in watercolors to, but cant seem to learn how to paint gras!
Really well done!

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this piece is incrediple!!! Smile you actually made me adore Frodo for a little while (he kinda pissed me off by being a whimp when first I read the books..) His face is like, out-of-this-world!! and Galadriel IS hot! ... ... even though I'm a hederosexual female... GREAT piece of art! and the flask is just great! Smile

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Why is Frodo wearing ragged pants? He is well-to-do! that's the only thing, though. Great job!!

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Great Pic! i luv it!! i dno't knoe if anynoe noticed but Frodo looks like he's looking down Galadriel's dress or around there! HAHAAHHAA!

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I love this. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing. A fantastic work of art!

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Eeep, don't listen to those last comments, this is beautiful!

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watercolor? really? wow excellent job. i wish i had that kinda skill with watercolors but they dont seen to like me. but anyway very beautiful picture

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holy cow!! I cant stop laughing it is so good! Frodo really does look like Frodo!! that is just freaky! I must admit that I Fell in love with him! But it looks great, I would have never known that it was water color..... Wow, im just stunned.... I can think it so good! .......... I love Frodo!!!!!!! he is so sad but Sexy!!!

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Great pic! Smile

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Oh Wow! This Picture Is Beautiful! I love the Sky, and then Galadrial is so Beautiful! You did a Wonderful Job.

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It's so beuatiful it's really gonna make me cry!!Seriously!!!!!!!

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Another master in watercolor! How have you done the grass???? GREAT work!

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*whistles* Wow.....just, wow...!

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Galadriel looks so beautiful (hot!)
the background was really well done. and i love the hobbits face's. sam's pose is adorable. overall, I LOVE this piece. nice watercolor skills

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Excellent Scott! those hobbits are spot on right down to their hairy feet, and Lady Galadrial is just beautiful, stunning!

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Really nice, lot's of detail a real eye feast.

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Watercolour!? Excellent work! Great characterizations, those hobbits are adorable Smile

Art at its best.