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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 08, 2003
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A toad reads by firefly-light. A design for a thank-you card.

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linnea's picture

Ohh, this is so quirky and cute! I love the toad's expression and the detail in the book and the greenery around it. The light-source being the fire-fly is such a great idea and concept. I love everything about this! <3

johng's picture

I love the frog's expression. I wish I could make animals look "human". Great job.

Guest's picture

one of your best i makes you wonder what he's reading and takes u into it

zt-1's picture

Kim, this is great. The sense of light and color are fantastic. My only crit is that you could push the sense of depth further. Certain parts seem a bit flat, like where the frog meets the book. However, this gives it a kind of papery feel which is nice. Very fairy tale. Smile

kimhotep's picture

thanks Smile Don't remember how long he took; bits & pieces of time here & there. I drew him in Painter.

ghovey's picture

WOW ! That is fantastic ... how long did it take to complete ? What tools did you use ? ... Congratulations on a magical creation.

isenho's picture

the expression on the frog is so charming. awwww. i really like the setting

thrax-1's picture

thats digital?,gosh must have taken a long time.exquisite very impressed.congratulations on editors pick

somerset's picture

Haha! this is outstanding, the frog daydreaming with that "if only" look on his face and reading abo....oops! there I go again, but that's the way your work affects me, kinda just sucks you in, Excellent as always Kim!

Guest's picture

Adorable! Smile

Guest's picture

Wonderful!! Great attention to detail from the dreamy smile on his face to the lighting sorce.I LOVE it.

pureghostgr's picture

Brilliant.. Especially the book and its page design.. I am practically speechless.

Guest's picture

This is definately my favorite one of yours so far and *applause*...editors pic! The lighting is so great...the whole thing makes for such a lovely whimsical feeling!

Art at its best.