Horse at Dusk by elven-nell

Horse at Dusk

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Added: Feb 12, 2003
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I had been working on this painting for a long time. Sometimes I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to work on it. I wanted the colour of the sky to really stand out, but without it looking tacky. I'm happy with the result.

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elven-nell's picture

Hey, thanks, Andree! Yes, there is a lot of ordinary horsey art out there, so I really wanted to do something different. I'm glad you approve. Smile

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Horses don't usually catch my attention but this one did! It's just beautiful!

elven-nell's picture

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

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What a fantastic sky. Excellent contrast. It doesn't look tacky at all.

elven-nell's picture

Wow, what a lovely compliment. It's comments like these that make my day, and keep my inspired to keep making art! Thank you. And I'll have to check out William Blake's art, I don't know whether I've seen it before...

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So far I've liked all of your stuff yours is among the best I've seen on this site. The horses give the impression they will bolt off the page. All of your images give the impression of flow.

Your stuff reminds me a bit of William Blake especially in the large eyes, stylized forms and bold colors. Have you ever looked at his stuff?

elven-nell's picture

Hey Carla! Thank you for your lovely comment! Have a good holiday too. See ya round!

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Nelly, this is amazing. Your art tells so many stories! Have a great holiday, see you next semester, Love Carla.

elven-nell's picture

Why thank you, Chris! I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by.

chrisxavier's picture

Beautiful colours and a lovely style! I like it.

elven-nell's picture

Thank you, Terry! This painting is one of my favourites.

frodo's picture

wonderful style Nell, colour and composition works well too..yea! great piece...

elven-nell's picture

Thank you so much, Marilyn! Your comment means a lot to me.

blueunicorn's picture

You know Nell, you have such a different way of portraying things, that it is a joy to view your work. Keep it up!

elven-nell's picture

Why thank you, William!

teaweed's picture

I like how you've stylised the horse, the eye is especially effective and the mane and tail make a great composition. Cool picture.

elven-nell's picture

Thank you for your lovely comment, Christos! Iam constantly amazed by your art!

neofotistos's picture

exquisitely stylised,
and a very, very interesting composition. lots of love, Nell.

elven-nell's picture

Thank you, Tom! I'm glad you like my style. I wanted the look of the horse to be dramatic.

portalrun's picture

Hi Nell,I love your water colors and style, this pic is great, like how the wind blown mane looks against the sky, also excellent horse character...

elven-nell's picture

Thank you, Patrick! I wanted a somewhat eiree feel to the painting. Actually, this was all I could scan from this painting! To the right, there's a hazy, setting sun.

megaflow's picture

Hi! I had only seen one piece in your gallery so I just now looked at all of them. Very nice work. I love the colors in this one - the cool overtones in the foreground increase the feeling of early evening. I think your stylized horse works very well, too.

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Thank you, guest!

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lovely. very very nice

Art at its best.