The Coffee Monster by elven-nell

The Coffee Monster

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 19, 2003
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I was inspired by Brian Froud's creatures to create this devilish little critter. He's the little voice first thing in the morning, whispering those sweet, coffee nothings. Whenever you get those desperate coffee cravings, the coffee monster is to blame. He is also responsible for those side-effects after one gives up coffee. Do not underestimate this monster's powers. Resistence is futile! Now if you would excuse me, I'm off to get some coffee...
(I showed this picture to my equally cheeky dog, Jasper, and he tried to lunge at it...perhaps I should warn the coffee monster that not everyone likes coffee...)

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Guest's picture

I think if you would have met my friend, Ms. T, from Pittsburgh, you would have been inspired to make the eyes more catlike, add some longer fangs, horns and a pitchfork to gather the true disposition of what the city of Pittsburgh endures every morning around 5AM.

elven-nell's picture

Thanks mate!

aesiraven's picture

the little coffee stain rings are a GREAT touch. Laughing out loud

elven-nell's picture

Thanks, James! Ahh, so you are visited by another coffee monster? They must be multiplying! Thanks for stopping by Smile

sporeboy's picture

I really like your drawing style--very warm.

This guy is great! I'm plagued by a very similar gremlin--mine is a few shades darker.

elven-nell's picture

Hehehehe, why thank you, Robert! I'll send him over for a visit some time, just BEWARE!!!

elneskog's picture this little hairy dude!! me want to buy him..(thinks of the gremlings) me like the coffee-monster....*grabbing its tail and swings* // silverdove

elven-nell's picture

Oh, I love that book! I got it on sale too, years ago, for like $2.95 or something. Thanks for stopping by!

toeknuckles's picture

i thought i recongnized the name brian froud...turns out i have one of his books (the goblin companion with terry jones). i can definately see the froud influence with your creature. Cool

elven-nell's picture

Good God! Hehehe, well erm, I'm glad you like it!

kartoonz's picture

This makes me laugh looks like a good pic for DOC,s anti possum campaign over here in NZ.

elven-nell's picture

I was inspired by Brian Froud's creatures, but yeah, he does resemble those little critters from Possum Magic, doesn't he?! I know what you mean about the coffee stains too! Coffee gets one into all sorts of trouble!

nixjim13's picture

Ah an Australian! You weren't by any chance a fan of Mem Fox? This piece really reminds me of the characters done by Julie Vivas in Possum Magic. Plus the coffee stains in the background I have seen many times before. Usually on really important pieces of paper!

elven-nell's picture

mmmm, I know! Smile

Guest's picture

mmmm coffee

elven-nell's picture

Thanks, Jia! He's about as sneaky as they can get! Smile

look's picture

it's lovely, cute and yet scary! I like his expression and the hands. make him extra sneaky... it's really cool you use coffee stain as teh background. Very creative!!!

elven-nell's picture

Thanks Kay! this guy sure does get around! Smile

Guest's picture

Oh I love him....know him well and it is so nice to finally meet him...good job.

elven-nell's picture

Hehehe! Thanks Terry. Glad the coffee monster made you laugh! Smile

frodo's picture

Haha !..makes I laugh, funny little cridder.. nicly executed...

elven-nell's picture

Thank you for your kind words. Indeed it is a shame he never visited! I shall tell him to remember you!!!

vengince's picture

Cute little guy Nell I could have used his services a few rough nights of painting. Love it.

elven-nell's picture

Thanks Zachary! The fur took me ages to perfect! Thanks for dropping by!

zt-1's picture

Hey, great job. I really like the fur rendering and his posture, like it's ready to pounce on it's next victim.

elven-nell's picture

Thank you, James! Yeah, this little guy does run around by studio often, splattering paint around, bouncing off the walls, and telling me I NEED more coffee!

elven-nell's picture

Thank you for your kind comment, Stan! My coffee monster is enjoying all the attention!

elven-nell's picture

Hahahaha! Christine, there is only one coffee monster, but don't despair, I'm sure he shall pay you a visit soon with tidings of coffee!

elven-nell's picture

Yes James, he is extremely manic, believe me!

swisnie's picture

Nell, I love this. I can definitely see the Froud influence. I especially like the way you handled the wall in the background.

Art at its best.