The Timber Wolves. by elven-nell

The Timber Wolves.

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Added: May 27, 2003
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An illustrated children's book I've been working on at university. The original is quite big, so much of the detail was lost in the colour print, which is a shame, because I spent countless hours working on this! It's a two-page spread. I'm happy with how it turned out.

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Awww, shucks, Jessica! The light was SO hard to ahcieve, and overall this piece took forever to finish, but I am so happy with how it turned out. Thanks again!

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The lighting is incredible in this piece, and was probably very hard to achieve. What a magical feeling this work exudes. After you were kind enough to let me know someone had stolen my art and claimed it as their own, I clicked your link here at the bottom of your e-mail. I'm so glad I did, what inspiring works - but this one is definately my fav!

- Jessica Galbreth

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Thanks Victoria! That's actually the effect I was after Smile

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Hehe.. I love this! The wolves are so cute! I love their eyes... big and cute and spooky at the same time. Nice work!

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Thanks Jordan! This was colour copied, so the quality's pretty low....alas.

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Of course this is phenomenal in it's full view, but I'm glad you posted the detail just to see the level of texture you've got in there. And with watercolour! Blowing me away...

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Thanks Erika, I had a lot of fun creating this. I'm glad you like it!

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Fantastic composition, the light coming through the trees is fascinatting, a very enchanting scene.

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This is my favourite of yours. By far.

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Thank you. Let's hope so!

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Thanks, Anne! I'm hoping to continue working on my book. I'm kinda put off though by all the work involved! But I'm enjoying the challenge.

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Thanks Nicole! I spent HOURS on those trees. I'm glad you like them!

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wow Nell, cool work - I know the book is going to finish up really well! ?

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Nell - this is fabulous! I can wait to see the completed book!

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How very whimsical! The wolves are great. And I love the details on the trees.

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Thanks Sean. The theme of the story is of magic, so I appreciate your comment!

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Your style is developing quite well Nell,this has an enchanted mood to it-very nice!

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Thank you, James. I'm glad you like it. I wanted an eerie-looking forest.

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Thanks Tom! I shall post a detail soon as possible. The original is being graded, so I shall post a detail of the wolves as soon as I get it back!

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Oh!my, Nell! your lighting effect in this one is quite incredible, those shafts through the trees are almost eerie, lovely solidly detailed forest and grass rendering! great induvidually charactered wolves...oh! and did I mention that your colours are marvellous too!

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Very nice childrens illustration Nell,and a great amount of work done might want to post a detail so we could see more of it...and those are defintly your wolfs, your style shows...

Art at its best.