Fireball. by elven-nell


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Added: Sep 12, 2003
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My first real digital piece. Done with a mouse too!

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elven-nell's picture

Oh thank you! I am very honoured. I must say, I've gone through your gallery a few times already!

goblinfiesta's picture

An excellent title for this fantastic painting! I had a great time going through your awesome gallery!! ^_^

elven-nell's picture

Hi Dasha, thank you for the advice and kind words. I doubt I'll fix it though, as I finished it long ago and I'm in a different state of mind now.

dark-dasha's picture

i love the colors you picked for this one, theyre incredible... they really match the pic... i think that the hair, as beautiful as it is, kinda doesnt fit though, because it has no countour lines while the face does... maybe if you smoothed out or just took out the conour lines of the face, it would blend better..? maybe use a diffrent color...

this is incredible for something by mouse..

elven-nell's picture

Thank you, Chris. Your comment is much appreciated.

yrindale's picture

Good work Nell. I can tell that you certainly spent a lot of time on this, even with a tablet you would have spent some time. I do see some inconsistancies, but as a beginner I must congratulate you on having one hell of a starting talent. You'll only get better from here Wink

elven-nell's picture

Hahaha! Thanks, James! I'm glad you like it Smile

somerset's picture

Oh my! I saw the thumbnail for this one, Nell, and it just said "click click click!" well, the hair on this girl is just outrageous! Vidal Sasoon, eat your heart out! totally brilliant colour explosion!

elven-nell's picture

Yay! Thanks, Nicole Smile

nixjim13's picture

Yay Nell! Just love it. The hair is gorgeous.

elven-nell's picture

Oh my goodness, Christian! Thank you so much! I wish I could give a technical recount of how I did it, but really, I just added layer upon layer of colour over a sketch...I spent so long on this piece it isn't funny! I'm a total newbie at photoshop, so most of it was done by trial and error. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I feel all humble now! *blushes*

Guest's picture

Can someone pick up my jaw? I think it hit the floor once I seen this beautiful piece of art. In all honesty, this is a very well done digital piece. I tried my hand at digital art a long time ago and I think stick figures would have been the title of my work. Wacom boards are nice and all but with a mouse?! How did you do it Nell? Any tips on a wannabe artist who has no training digitally what so ever?

Another beautiful work...Keep it up Nell!

elven-nell's picture

Thanks Laura! Thanks for stopping by Smile

wolfvayne's picture

Nell - that rocks!! And with a mouse, too o_O Love her hair :]

elven-nell's picture

Why thank you, dear Cameron!

meshenka's picture

Your skill with the mouse is very admirable. Such a heated piece, I really like it. Keep up the smashing work, nell!

Art at its best.