Alone. by elven-nell


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Added: Oct 25, 2003
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Gouache on illustration board.

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elven-nell's picture

Wow, thank you so much, Abigail. I really appreicate your kind words. I'm very flattered you thought of the word "Pathos." I did want to convey such a sense of sadness and hopeless, a feeling that cannot be expressed in the English language. Thank you again.

abigailryder's picture

I agree, this painting feels like a memorial, with the tone being sad but also somehow containing the sense of the irrevocable. I have to love it because it is skillfully done and evokes such a strong feeling, but the dog's look is so sad I can't even look at it for too long! To me it perfectly expresses the old Greek's word 'pathos', which has no direct translation in English but is connected to sorrow, loss, hopelessness, and sometimes a hero's tragic fate. Very nice work.

elven-nell's picture

Hahaha. No worry. I'm glad you like the texture, because it was bugging me at first. Thanks for the kind words. Smile

aesiraven's picture

errr, her. XD sorry, Im history-stupid sometimes.

aesiraven's picture

The poor little thing ... This makes me want to go read more about him.
Once again, the texture. I love the texture in your art.

elven-nell's picture

Thanks Marley! I really appreciate that comment! A retro feel was really what I was aiming for, as it is a proposed book cover. Also, I did want to do something not entirely in my style, I always love an opportunity to increase my range. Smile Thanks again!

thrax-1's picture

i really appreciate the texture of i pressume the illustration board coming through.Your scanner picked that up nicely.The metalic texture is really nice and so is the star field.Reminds me of a fiftees sci-fi movie,really nice work nell and very different from your norm.

elven-nell's picture

Yeah, it is. I'm glad you think this piece has a sad feel to it, becsause that's what I was striving for Smile Thanks, Jessica.

elven-nell's picture

Thanks, Michelle.

Guest's picture

It's Laika, right? I always thought what they did to that dog was so sad. . . this almost feels like a memorial piece. The dog's gaze is very soulful.

pantropy's picture

I'm not sure what to say. Brave little dog?
Well done in rendering chrome on teethed illustration board.

Art at its best.