His Broken Shadow by ultraviolet

His Broken Shadow

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 16, 2006
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Artwork Description

My demon boi, Zimodriel as a wolf. Normally he's not a wolf, but I couldn't get the image out of my head. He was just begging to be drawn in this way. And I suffer at the will of my muse Wink

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Thank you. I did delete that comment, not because I was offended, (actually I laughed at the lack of maturity) but out of respect of anyoponeone who may view my art, I dont want any drama happening or flaming Smile Thank you for the support and compliments.

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Thank you very much Smile I am not too worried about what they said. If what they said was true, and the piece was -that- bad, than I dont think the mods would of allowed it. Besides, most of the people on epilogue are far more mature than that individual. Thanks for the support!

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Do me a favour, Cassandra! delete that post! it really is not worth your time!.....ok on to your pic, well the thumbnail got me here. and I'm delighted! lovely rendering! love your character and the textures jump of the screen....beautiful work! WOW!

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Whoever this person is I can't believe how evil you are to post such comments like this. The imagination is a beautiful thing, this artwork is stunning and to the artist keep up the good work, I am curious about him and his background. Smile

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I've noticed this particular trend with this one guest (dunno who he is), who thinks it's funny to insult an artist's work, when he probably can't even draw himself. To the artist I say this: I think this is an awesome piece, and a cool idea. RP character's are so much fun to draw or paint because you can do absolutly anything with them. Kudos! =D

Art at its best.