Symphony by niveus


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Added: Sep 20, 2003
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Well this is my try at anime, I think i failed miserably, but I somewhat like the picuter Smile

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Doesn't look much like animae but who really cares when you did such an awsome job you know??

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I dont think you failed, i think you did rather well for it being your first time!
I love the colors and the picture!

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Man...i mean waw..gorgeaus work, you have such imagination. Don't know what would i give to know how to draw this way...respect..

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i never get tired of looking at your artwork.

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There are many different styles of anime, so I think that this qualifies. Anime does, however, tend to be less shaded and simpler, so some people may disagree with my assessment. Her eyes certainly remind me of anime, mostly because of their shape and how expressive they are. Now that I've gotten all of that off of my chest, I'd just like to say that whether or not it qualifies as anime, it is certainly and excellent picture.

~*~Kora K.~*~

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This is brilliant. I like all of your oics, they are very Gothic.

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It doesn't look much like anime, but it's beautiful, none the less. I love the spider web on her dress--I love the dress, and the position of her hands is very nice.

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I think I've found a new favorite artist to add to my list. I love your images! This is wonderful!

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No, you haven't failed! I like this a lot:)

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Looks like you've been busy Kurtis! I like the nice little touches you've put into this one, the ship and birds in the background inparticular.

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lol, yeh marley it took 5 days for me to get it

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hhmmm when was this submitted??it says 20th???its the 25 today isn't it?

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you definately are alot better now kurtis.Fabulous,Glad to see it out of w.i.p and into your gallery,Nice one,fabulous details as usual^^.

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i am really glad to see that this image made it on here, its very well done and i think you have some killer skills. keep it up, i look forward to your other image making it up soon as well.. its great. i love the look and feel, her eyes. all the fine details. nice work.

Art at its best.