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Added: Mar 18, 2004
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"Her bones will ache, Her mouth will shake, And as the Passion dies a magic Heart will break.
Her Violet skie will need to cry, cause if it doesnt rain then everything will die"
Natalie Ibruglia

Hey everyone I am back, Yeh I know the character Pandora is so overdone, but I have always wanted to paint her, plus I wanted to try another floor just so I dont forget how to paint it Smile. Well the model used in this one was my best friend Andrea(told you she would be in more to come). Well she really inspires me, I had to beg her to let me paint her, which is funny since she is so pretty, I hope that doesnt mean I am bad. Anyway, I dont think I have anything else to say.

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I have yet to see a work of yours which does not have beautiful clothes. Your ability to make every piece of clothing look delicate, almost ethereal, is amazing and I admire your work...a lot! I wish they made dresses that floated off of people's bodies like in your painting, but alas....Smile

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Smile A friend of mine just showed me some of your paintings. I am FLOORED!! SO MUCH so..that I googled you and found this site! I'll share with you some of my comments to her about your work.

Niveus Spiritus:
He does some BEAUTIFUL things with the color WHITE and WHISPIES!

Stolen items from the old lady:
OH! 8~O FABTACULAR!! Laughing out loud... you sparked me to come up with a whole new WORD!

The calling:

The calling thus far is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE!! Your use of colors and the DETAILS in EVERY mm of the piece... JUST....*deep breath* I've no good word to describe at the moment. I'll just tell you that I am in AWE of your work! Smile I also here that you are a 22 year old person...!! You've a gift .... I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!! Smile Carry on! Wink

PS... THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing your gift!! Smile

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I love this picture it realy brings out the art. and all the colors. Its realy beautiful.

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I love the simpleness of the nightgown and the background. Her hair is absolutely stunning and I like the expression she is givivng off, almost as if she can see the viewer and knows what she is about to do.

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I really love You style and direction You came in showing fantsy female.. Always beautiful dress and gentle but bloody and dangerous.. Bravo.

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yes, the picture is amazing I could never do one like it, so I just did my own thing, but thankyou so so much!

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Great job Kurtis, I think I know what you used for reference - you've made it your own Smile

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Abigail, thankyou!!!!!! Yup sly and dumb, I am glad I got that across expressions are so hard for me, and the floor, well I just like doing them, they are too fun.

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thankyou so much jessey, and the reflection was hard for me , so I am really glad that you noticed.

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Simply Timeless, the reflextion within the stone floor is exceptional, and the detail (sighs) wonderful works as always Kurtis.

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No I have not patrick, I will have to look that up. I am so glad you said I wm improving I work so damn hard, it is about time. But the composition of the posing and expression was unfluenced much by William Whitaker and JW Waterhouse.

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Absolutely perfect rendition, in my opinion, of the beautiful Pandora-- perfectly capturing her character of being slightly sly and slightly dumb. Exquisite face. Yes and the floor too. Wink And the dress, and, well, everything else. Very very well done...

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Another very nifty piece, Kurtis! You're improving so consistantly it's scary... I love the colors and composition here. Have you ever seen the Barry Smith Pandora? That's another great one (very different though).

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awwwwww thankyou so much annah, yeh those hands and fingers were hell and took me forever, obviously hands are not my most favorite subject.

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hmmmmmm thats a new one, never been compared to her before, but I like her work Smile

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i love how her skin glows, and the wall and floor are really well done! definitely one of my favorites!

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I love everything about it! The flow of her dress and hair, the floor, wow! Awesome Smile

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Your art looks alot like this woman, and her art.

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Wow! Very ghostly Laughing out loud I love the way she seems to be 'glistening', and the floor-I think the person before me said it best *grin* Great expression, the detail with the fingers too.... can I just sit and drool for a bit now? =P

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well thankyou so so much, and do not dislike me!!!!!!! lol. Anyway thankyou so much for all your kind words, and who are you guest?

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OOOOOOH MYYYYY GAAAAAWD!!!!!!! Kurtis, I have always been a fan of your work, but this one is beyond anything I have ever seen you do! This is absolutley stunning!!! The lighting is awsum! The hair is gorgeous! The FLOOR THE FLOOR omg THE FLOOR! I can not believe how stunning this is!!!!! I am so in love with it, that I think I don't like you anymore!! I'M SO JEALOUSS!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up tho, I don't not like you!

Art at its best.