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This Way

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 19, 2004
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Well this is an image I drew. Decided I would try a guy, and if you all feel that you need to leave a comment on how feminine he is, then dont bother, because he turned out how I wanted him too. Well I had a lot of fun doing this image, the sky, the moon, the little rooster. Well I dont really know what else to say about this image, just a surge of inspiration I guess. Oh and since someone will ask, his arm band says God Bless, kind of inspirational from Michael Linsner.

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I really like the draping and fit of the clothing...but isn't his face looking a bit lopsided?

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Kurtis I don't know artsy terms, don't know anything about light or color. Well other than I am really white. Forgive me I am a freakin history major for crying out loud. This is beautiful artwork, and I love the way you didn't shoot for the nearly typical male look approach. One observation I did make, he looks a lot like you, of course he has better hair, and you don't have wings. Or do you?

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I can tell by your non-prejudice, creativity that you are a REAL artist with a REAL imagination. If you really like this you should keep going with it because I, along with others, would love to see more of what you do.

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The moon shines so realisticly. (Actually, when I first saw this I thought it was just a manly woman).

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------wonderful! Draw more guys! i love feminine men, their the best.-----

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Being a night man myself, I couldn't resist coming for a second look, I,m glad I did.

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amazing piece the moon is a real starplayer in it...

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yep stunning colour work,of course i am going to mention how wonderfull the moon looks ^^P.Really wicked character design too,very original costume ^^.

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No comments about how feminine he is. Actually when I saw the thumbnail my first thought was "Kurtis drew a guy!" Smile

Lovely picture and dreamy mood.

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This is wonderful, Kurtis!

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Hey, that's a bit different for you. I like the little branches. They look sort of like glowing cherry blossoms.

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Even though you were trying something new, you still maintained the incredible quality that i have come to expect from you Wink Beautiful work!

Art at its best.