Faolan Tapestry by tracyjb

Faolan Tapestry

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 20, 2003
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I'd been itching to do some painting in natural media after straying away from it for a while...so I did.

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Guest's picture

Beautiful and rich colors you emphasized well on the youth's face.....

nezumi's picture

If the hair was red, I'd be convinced this is who Fox evolved into. I'm glad I found your work again ^_^

Guest's picture

Your texture and draping is very good... lots of depth! I didn't know one could do that with watercolour. Smile

nixjim13's picture

Ah, it looks like I've found another costume lover! This is fantastic, all the details and the vibrancy. Great work!

paulad's picture

its truly wonderfull...very impressive detail:)...and hes nice too;)

Guest's picture

No, he doesn't look like Johnny. I have a character I modeled to look like Johnny, and this does not look like him. Believe me, I've been drawing his face WAY too long, I should know. He is cute though. And I love the colors and textures. It's a beautiful peice.

yeechi's picture

Hurrah! I'm glad to see you at Epilogue, finally. Smile You were also one of my favorites at Elfwood. The details and vibrancy of color you put into every piece you do has amazed me for a long time.

Guest's picture

That looks like Johnny Depp *loves Johnny* Very good artist you are! I love this very much, one of my favorites ^_^

sdeanbloom's picture

This is so rich in color and detail. I am very impressed. It's so Beautiful!

iscalox's picture

Gee, this is watercolours? Amazing!

Great picture - the tapestry, as everyone has already said, is excellent. And his clothes are really cool. Great, great work!

isskottr's picture

The thumbnail for this piece alone stopped me in my tracks -- it's absolutely gorgeous!

strangeling's picture

A beautiful painting! I blinked when I saw it was done in watercolour - very masterful!

griffingirl's picture

If God is in the details, He should be feeling really full of Himself right now...exquisite composition and graphic quality. Faboo!

kyrn's picture

gorgeous! You were one of my favorite artists on elfwood:)

gawain's picture

I visited some of your other galleries, you are amazing!

bcorbett67's picture

great use of watercolor - it must have taken you an age to complete.

storn's picture

I love the tapestry.

I love the guy.

I don't love the stone work. I think it needs some of the reds and blues, lightly placed in there and it needs a bit darker line in the creases. Right now, it feels like its a bit unfinished compared to the tapestry and the knight...almost seperating out like it is digital.

But please, that is the smallest of critiques...but I did notice it and thought I should mention it.

portalrun's picture

Fantasic Tracy, super clean work, I would have never thought this to be water color, excellent control, design, everything.....

Guest's picture

no! nooooooooooooooooo! This is WATERCOLOR!?!?! I surrender. Laughing out loud

aridante's picture

Absolutely exquisite work....sumptuous regal colors and wonderful play on patterns....bravo!

Guest's picture

I almost cant belive, that this is watercolor! Absolut incredible painted! Rita

Art at its best.