The Prince of Swords by amethyst

The Prince of Swords

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 20, 2003
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One of the less "aggressive" of the swords suit, I've depicted the prince with sword sheathed, deep in thought. His power is more wrapped up in his intelligence rather than his weapon...

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I really love your work and think you could make a really cool tarot deck starting with the pictures you have already drawn. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and your characters are charming. I know quite a few people who would even pay for such work if it were in the form of tarot cards.

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The hand on the sword only has three fingers...Assuming the thump is gripped around the other side, then where's the...middle finger, I think...

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Hey, this looks wonderful. The regal and yet light air keeps it from being over zealous. His looks of thought reek of a fighter who uses his mind before his blade. An extremely deadly combination of strength, elegance, and intelligence. I love it.

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Wow, i'd love the own this a set of your tarot cards.... the shading is beautiful, and the red is dramatic. Though the prince's crotch looks like he's being aroused... too much highlight there, but whatever... still drunk, aint i? sigh... but no seriously its beautiful. But if you were to do the whole minor arcana when would you finish, unless u make 'em simple...
Not to mention your picture of urself is beautiful, and so are you! whatever just ignore me.

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IT'S NOT FAIR!!! YOU DRAW SO GOOD!!!! WAHH!!!! He's to die for and I can't believe the expression on his face! He's deep in thought and looks determined as though he's making a tough decision or recalling a frustrating time...I am in awe...I worship the ground you stand on! Please keep it up! Oh and if you ever do do all the tarot cards (I know some are boring and such) you should consider actually having them published. You could make a good amount of money and not to mention they'd be the coolest cards out there! Arigoto, Teresa-sama. arigoto for your wonderful drawing!

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That's well done at all and I like it. But the sword's really a bit pencil-like.

(Can I borrow that nice guy? *grin*)

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The end of the sheath looks like a pensil lol

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Beautifal Beautifal! Marvalous Clothing and expression! What program do you use to paint these beutifal people?

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very cute character, and great costumes again!

Art at its best.