At Rest by crispalomino

At Rest

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Added: Mar 08, 2003
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curaniel's picture

Very clean, very beautiful. It has a feeling of cool air.

But you know the wings are attatched to her right shoulder, not her back. At least the flawlessness of the style masks the anatomy problem a little...

Guest's picture

This is beautiful - I'm especially found of the sky. Clouds always give me a lot of trouble. The figure is handled wonderfully. And the color scheme and composition are top notch. My one tiny tiny problem is that the text on the image (your name and title) are quite pixelated - maybe they just need to be re-done with the antialiasing turned on? But other than that, I think you've done a gorgeous job with this image.

Guest's picture

Stunning composition Smile Great combination work with the various software, very nice!

Guest's picture

I love the whole image! The balance between her sexuality and the status of angels is impressive. Wings look tangible. Like the hair. Laughing out loudTongue:D Electricity hitting the water in the horizon was an interesting idea.

crispalomino's picture

I appreciate the nice comments that have been left. This is one of my favorite pieces.

Guest's picture

i swear i could reach out and touch those wings, the lightning the reflection on the water...i also love the blending in the clouds so light and fluffy

crispalomino's picture

Thank you. *S*

ddoved's picture


crispalomino's picture

I like the description alien...*S*...come to think of're right. Thank you.

crispalomino's picture

Thank you, Tom.

crispalomino's picture

Thanks, Kurtis...I'm just grateful most programs work together so well.

crispalomino's picture

Did not realize you can reply individually. Thank you. It's kind of cool to see how different people achieve different things with digital programs just ast they do with real-life materials.

crispalomino's picture

Thank you, everyone, for the lovely comments. Michael, although you are welcome to your opinion, I hope you will be more open in future. I've worked at Disney for over a dozen years and one of the things we have always done is seek out new ways of doing things. No one program has everything. Otherwise there would only be a need for one to be available for sale. Competition engenders richness and diversity. Depending on what I am doing, one program will other times, the combination of strengths is desirable. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Guest's picture

Lovely work, so majestic and alien!

portalrun's picture

Beautiful image Cris...

Guest's picture

this wonderful picture took my breath! it's just georgious!

niveus's picture

Gosh that guy is always so rude, I think he is I love this pic, I love the wings, they are so fresh and new, this is just beautifull, lovely work, and ignore the comment below, you can use whateve damn program you want! Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

I love the little details you've captured, like the lightning, the ripples in the water and the feathers.
It's very good.

thrax-1's picture

no you dont,good on you for trying different programs,this is absolutely beautifull,mixing programs allows for opportunities to to achieve effects not possible with photoshop alone.if you intend to use one program alone,for the rest of your need help....

sevencrows's picture

if you need all those programs to make pictures.. you need help.... you could probably do this with just photoshop if you were skilled..

Art at its best.