The Dream of Trees. by soni

The Dream of Trees.

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Added: Feb 26, 2003
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This is a better and more accurate photo of the original painting.
An illustration in mixed media. I was just asked to 'paint some trees', but was taken by a verse from Lord of the Rings sung by Treebeard: "When Summer lies upon the world, and in a noon of gold
Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold;" I just wanted trees, no animals, not even any flowers, and definitely no people!

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soni's picture

Do you also find that painting trees is a labour of love? Simultaneously so simple and complex: it's a daunting yet exhilerating task. I shall definitely have to check Van Gogh's studies, thanks for the tip Smile

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Thanks Smile
These trees started life as a commission for someone who wanted something 'rainforesty' to put in their bathroom!

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For someone wholvoes and paints Trees and love Vincent Van Gogh's Tree Studies...I find that painting beautiful

it is awesome

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Trees! I love trees, and these are beautiful, too. ^_^

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Geofry you old bint, lol! Good to see they allow slappers to leave messages on epilogue as well Wink
Love you too Kimbalina.

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margerie love, geofrey here! you old sausage. Shock
bloody love it chickie..... the image comes up great on my computer, texture,light and of course follage.
congrats, more images please...... ido so love your ink drawings... please love you bunny

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God save the chickens.
There are actually three hidden in this picture, can you see them?

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You've came a long way babe these are all gorgeous!!

The chickens they say yay!!


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Thank you so much, you lovely, lovely person! Smile

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Oh Soni this is sooo lovely. I am so glad you posted in the forum so that I could come see your lovely work. I must have missed it when It was put up in art...haha...just looked at the date...It was my sorry.
This is so outstanding. Absolute perfection on the colors and light and rendering.

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A message from the Queen of Beautiful Rats! Thank you!! Smile

socar's picture

I love the variation in texture you've got into the foliage. It makes your picture very engaging even with the limited palette.

soni's picture

Thank you Dominique! Wouldn't it be lovely if there really were Ents in this world? Imagine then what would happen if all those horrible loggers put their chainsaw to the wrong tree... haha, revenge!

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WOW, if I could choose to live within a painting, I would choose to live here. It's lovely! Really does make me think of Fangorn

soni's picture

Wow, Thank you *so* much Linda! To receive such a complimet from an artist whose work I like so much, is worth so much!

I am worried though aboutt he quality of the image, I was looking at the original today and the image here seems much foggier and less sharp. I have also recently discovered that my graphics card is dying, so what looks normal to me is much lighter and washed out to everyone else. (This also means a lot of people's work here looks really dark and reddish. Bugger.)

I will try to get a better version of this picture up, I'm not very happy with this one. Virgos eh?

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Gorgeous. It feels warm and cold at the same time, and very lush. As if I would much enjoy curling up in the shade of the trees to the right, with the softness of the ferns pillowing my cheek.

soni's picture

Thank you! A first-class ticket coming right up!

christar's picture

beautiful and dreamlike, I'd like to visit. Smile

Art at its best.