Que'nalune the Warden by fuuryoku

Que'nalune the Warden

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Added: Jun 02, 2003
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I've been wanting to do a really nice looking elf piece, something semi-distinctive. Drow have been done so much that they are now cliches, cool cliches, but cliche nonetheless in some ways. So I figured I'd do one of probably the least defined of the common fantasy Elven races, a Moon elf.

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fuuryoku's picture

Water elf, hmmmmm? That's a possibility that's underrepresented in fantasy art too. What a lovely idea. Smile

Guest's picture

I will always love drow, no matter how cliche.

I have actually been wanting to see a picture of a water elf, myself. I think they would be really cool.

fuuryoku's picture

Thank you for the kind comments. I'm very happy with the way the armor turned out and plan to do more pieces using similar armor motifs. I'm glad others like it too.

wolfvayne's picture

This is just a beautiful portrait. I love her hair and her armour. The whole scene is just so realistic and rendered expertly. Great stuff!!

fuuryoku's picture

Stop! Stop! My head willswell up and 'splode Darla. Smile

Seriously though, thank you. I'm really proud of it too.

fuuryoku's picture

Generalized D20 is probably most accurate. I haven't played D&D since second edition was first out (-dates me, don't it?) so I don't really have that many specifics on all the subraces, they weren't defined much at all back then. But in a way that's more liberating, since I get to define what a moon elf looks like.

lorelei's picture

Scotty! She turned out beautifully...wowee! This is my favorite of your works so far. You grow so much with every painting you do.

Really excellent work.

yrindale's picture

While I'm a huge drow fan I agree on how they are now becoming cliche's. Beautiful moon elf. Any particular campaign that you set this character in? Or just the d20 fantasy work in general?

fuuryoku's picture

No. I've played Warcraft 3 ("Fukui-san! what the Iron Troll is doing is..." ,) but this is more along the standard D20/D&D type of elf races. I specifically wanted to avoid the bird and cat motifs that Blizzard uses. The only resemblance I will concede is the blue/purple color scheme, but that is due to the night race connotation (and probably the same reason Blizzard used the color scheme.) Most of the design decisions I made are in opposition to motifs used for Drow.

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Nice is this inspired by warcraft III ? Really cool pic.

Art at its best.