Aoi's Quiet Pool by fuuryoku

Aoi's Quiet Pool

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 15, 2004
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Artwork Description

A young sorceress, even in the time of her most intense studies, still needs a quiet place where she can enjoy the silence and let her mind rest.

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saffiresword's picture

You really did get a wonderful sense of serenity in the picture, and just by looking at it you feel at peace. Not to mention that I am a sucker for peacocks, so that got me sold from the beginning too:)

Guest's picture

Reminds me of fantasy book covers...brilliant!

fuuryoku's picture

Thanks! Glad you like it Ashley. Smile

Guest's picture

I really like the colors in this one, and the pool. I love the trees, and the outfit. I especially love the peacock feathers. Her face looks more natural than some of the others you've done. I rather like it, and it's not just because I think it looks like me Wink.

-Ashley (niece person)

fuuryoku's picture

Oh, there's a great deal better than I on Epilogue, but Thank you very much for that sentiment. Smile

Guest's picture

This is really good. You're one of the best artists on the site...

fuuryoku's picture

I'm actually looking into that now. I fully intend to have a couple sizes available in the very near future.

kyrn's picture

make prints! make prints!

gyrfalcontg's picture

This is gorgeous, I love the trees too, wonderful texture. And I love feathers anywhere. But I do have one question: why aren't the sash things that hang from her belt reflected in the water? Smile

fuuryoku's picture

well, Mere, you saw it very early in it's development (back when the figure was bald Smile .) I've put probaly another 15-20 hours into it since then. I'm very proud of it, though, and glad you like it. (I just wish I'd started it three weeks ago, so I could send it in for Spectrum. Next year I guess.)

kyrn's picture

uh... that was me.

Guest's picture

Holy s--- I never expected that from the sketch you showed me. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I looove that dress, and the trees are great (you might even beat john, hahaha)

Art at its best.