deadname- Eberron Drow by fuuryoku

deadname- Eberron Drow

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Added: Apr 05, 2006
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"The Key defining factor of most of the various Xen'drik Drow subcultures is the family. The few memeber of this xenophobic race that are willing to speak with outsiders guard any familial information, even their family name, jealously. But there is one scout who operates near Stormreach who it is believed has suffered the greatest of losses among the dark elves, the annihilation of his family. He does not, of course, speak of it, or much else really. But other Drow who encounter those he leads into the wilds on expeditions make a strange gesture on recognizing him, calling him 'Deadname', and disengage in a state of what seems, to an outsider at least, a sorrowfull respect. In it clearly significant, yet as an outsider, I suspect it will be a long time before I know it's full meaning and for now can only speculate."

-Rufousa D'Denieth, Bodyguard

Painter, roughly 7-8 hours

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kyrn's picture

Somehow this was something I never expected from you:)

Art at its best.