Sarah 'Wren SharpBeak' Skinner by sharpbeak

Sarah 'Wren SharpBeak' Skinner

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Added: May 29, 2003
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I was never a pretty child. On the day i was born, my mother took her first look at me and lamented (much to the horror of the nurse nearby) "Oh, Sarah, you're such an ugly baby!" Years later, in the 3rd grade when we learned about Greek Mythology, my fellow classmates decreed that if Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships, then i had the face that could launch a thousand lunches. And when they heard the tale of the medusa, it was only a matter of course that i should have that nickname. And so it was for ever after, that all the other students would run screaming from me on the playground shouting "everyone run and don't look at her. Sarah's a medusa and she will turn you to stone!" Strange how such incidents shape the idea we have of ourselves and how it lingers with us for all time. Gallery of Souls self portrait. [computer tinted pencil]

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Hey Sarah - very nice piece. If your little friends had been paying attention in class - they might have learned that Medusa was actually very beautiful, but her sisters, who were jealous, turned he hair to snakes. But she was still beautiful and very graceful too. Hey - I have a bump in my nose too!!! This is a wonderful piece (and I totally empathise on the having kid shedding lbs thing). Rock on!

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yeah, i uploaded it right before i went to bed last night (i stayed up til 1 am tyring to get it done) and in my sleepy incoherance, uploaded the wrong file. What's sad is that i didn't even realize it until after my second cup of coffee this morning. :} Anyway, thanks you for the kind and encouraging words. I'm fairly content with how i turned out (now if i can just shed these extra pounds i gained when last year when i was pregnant...)

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wow, this magically got coloured since the last time i looked at it Wink very lovely picture! sarah, i was teased a ton because of my maiden name, kids can be pretty cruel. but you have developed into a wonderful artist and they are off somewhere reaping the bad karma that they showed to you.

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Now we have a face for the talent - and it is your face Wink Nice work Sarah, you're not ugly!

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Naw! Sarah, you ain't ugly! besides snakes eat toads, and these guys seem real friendly towards you! did it not occur to you that those prats at school where probably just jealous, it certainly did to me seeing this one!...but then again, keeping your flowing locks muzzled, might have made you much less intimidating!lol!..oh I almost forgot, lovely work!

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Wow! amazing detail and a gorgeous face! The snakes are incredible.

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The stories above are, unfortunatly, all very true. I was mercilessly teased and tormented all throughout my school years. Of course in HS it changed to rude comments and lots of whispering behind my back as opposed to the outright abuse i got as a kid. By then most people were afraid of me. My HS nicknames included (but were by no means limited to) "witch", "phantom", "evil", and "demoness". The really wierd thing about all this is that i changed shcools 11 times in 12 years and i was treated the same everywhere i went. It was disheartening to say the least! Wink

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Was all that mean to be a joke?! Because you are anything but ugly!
Anyways, superb detail and shading.

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she's not ugly Tongue hehe i like the picture alot, nice snakes

Art at its best.