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Added: Jun 25, 2003
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Interior illustration for HinterWelts "Shades of Earth".

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The brief read something to the effect of "Hitler arguing politics with the Devil. Lucifer should look bored." And that was pretty much all i had to go on. But as soon as i read that, this image sprang immediately into my mind and i just HAD to draw it. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. I had a lot of fun drawing this and I'm very glad you like it. Smile

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i dont comment on alot of pictures but this one is really good.. the impressions i've got were interesting
the guy sit to the left is the devil right? thinking of hitler as a pawn? im probably wrong.. or is that the devil and hilter wants to be god? or hilter just lost to a game of chess hehe ..i really dont know but that's what i got out of it.. fun picture. made me think

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Thank you. The lighting gave me quite a headache since i had no references for it. I'm just glad i pulled it off. Smile

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Thanks! I have to admit that drawing Hitler was kind of wierd. I didn't have much trouble finding good reference pictures of him with the angry expression i needed for the ilustration. But after while of going through photos of him, the sheer violent passion that lay within his eyes became quite disconcerting to look at, let alone try to draw. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

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I love this one too - just great lighting and shading throughout, and lots of subtle touches and nuances.

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Amazing! And Hilter really looks like Hitler, not like most illos I've seen. And the little men holding up the chair.. wow!
Sometimes I wish Epilogue had a faving system Wink

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Thanks! The details were the fun (and frustrating) part of this assignment. But i think i am most proud of the likeness i achieved for Hitler. He was tough to do.

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The symbolism was what i enjoyed most in creating. An interesting tidbit that i don't expect many to pick up on is that the pattern on the chairs is called "flame stitch" Wink As for the museum idea, not sure how the publisher would feel about that, but i definitely plan to included it in a gallery showing my husband is trying to set up for me in his hometown

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Thank you! Smile I was so happy when i managed to get the assignment for this piece from HinterWelt (i all but begged for it) but the original spec was for a 1/4 page illo that was just WAY too small for all the detail i wanted. When i turned in my 1/4 page version, i told them that and they very graciously gave me another week and a pay increase to do a full page. This was what i originally saw in my mind when i read the breif and i was thrilled they let me rework it so i could do it right.

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Hey Sarah - love this piece VERY much - the composition is just perfect and the details are awesome.

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The symbolism is perfect, the art is also superb you should send this to one of those Museums that teach against hate.

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Great work Sarah! It took me a second look to see the little men holding up his chair, awesome details Smile

Art at its best.