"True Love's Song" by kaytirw

"True Love's Song"

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Added: Mar 16, 2004
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Lady Kathleen, a fair maiden walking through the Forest, comes to a small cove filled with an unexpected Suprise! ANCIENT trees called Wellwishers! These trees possess these sparkles, that dance around their heart (which also happens to be their "brain" Each tree grows only a certain amount of Sparkles in their lifetime. Now, these sparkles are created to make wishes come true! However, once the sparkle is plucked for its magic, it will not grow back.. Once all of the sparkles have been plucked...no more tree. So you see, it is hard for these trees to exist in a land of such greed and hatred.

So Lady Kathleen walks with her staff, her heart heavy of the thoughts of her dear Prince, who has fallen ill and will not wake. She now knows she has found the tree, so that she may try and find that one sparkle that could cure her dearest love. The Wellwishers know which one it must be... They know which one she must pick...

The Pixies dance and Sing to their treasured flowers as the night grows upon them. Lady Kathleen doesn't know what to do, for never would she want to take life from such an ancient being! Still.. if it should cure her beloved... then it is worth it...is it not?

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blondeblythe's picture

Fantastic! Great color, imagination, style and detail! P.S. I LOVE your "fragons!"

nedda's picture

Kayti I loovvvve this one, its truly enchanting Smile

Guest's picture

I love this one!! So much detail, and such a great story!!!!!!

Art at its best.