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Added: Mar 12, 2003
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This was done recently for a music cd cover. The style of music is metal, and they wanted an urban blight sort of background, a babe and a visual comment on the masks we wear in everyday life. This is what they got...turned out ok!

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Hey there Malin, thanks for the comments. As for metal, I gotta say, I don't really listen to much of that type of music...I guess the little bit of Metallica would qualify, and there are elements of that in some bands like Porcupine Tree. When I want the energy that type of music provides, I usually just go listen to Public Enemy or something like that.

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I like the dress and the fire ^^!
I love fire! What kind of Metal do you like? Gothic Metal , Death Metal , Black metal , Heavy Metal , Speed Metal or Nu metal (or others?)

ja ne , me chan

my e-mail:

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what can I say, it looks darn good!

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I just realized that I have that dress that she's wearing.. LOL. You have good taste! Smile

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hey, thanks, oh socar....and, what kind of name is that, anyway? Is it one you chose for yourself, sort of a pen name? Just curious. As for my piece, thanks very much! It is easily the most detailed piece I have done in awhile (and, what do I have to do to become an editor's fave...if this piece doesn't do it, I probably never will!)...I especially like the vinyl dress.


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Well, I've approved a lot of your images, but it just occurred to me that for some bizarre reason I've never commented--so I wanted to come back and tell you how completely blown away I was by this one--the colours and composition are absolutely amazing, and I love the cool machinery you've done. The reflections on the dress, of the flames, are particularly awesome. Keep it up!

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You da man, man!

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Hey thanks very much for your message, Liptak (or is it Laszlo?)...I am honored I inspired someone else to take up art, and I hope you have lots of success!

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Awesome artwork!!! You are my personal fave V:tM artist. Many unique pics, some are very bizarre and really imaginative. I like your cool ideas, living colors and that dark/gothic mood. I saw many talented WW artists, but you have something extra sensitivity for the gothic pics. Perhaps that your pictures have not clichés, you could show new things every time. When I started paint to trading card games I got many inspirations from your art! Perhaps our style is very different, but your art give a push, and it helps me lot. Grats, and keep up your fantastic style!

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Thanks very much, anneth...this one look a fair amount longer than many others, mostly because of that damn background! I, too, like the woman's (leather) dress...partially skill and partially an accident made it look as good as it does...watercolor is cool that way. I would say, in hours, this piece took probably about 15 hours or so.

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Very creepy and very very cool! I love how you got the light to look so acurate off the dress.. It really looks like vinyl!!

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whoa O_____O
now THAT is some maaaaaaaaad watercolor work. I think my favorite section is the woman's dress--awesome, totally awesome treatment on the folds and textures. How long did this take you?

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...but man, thanks a lot! That is one great compliment, especially considering some of the awesome art I have seen on this site alone...this is a very recent piece, so the compliments are very much appreciated!

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Probably the best watercolor paint job I have ever seen. Very well done.

Art at its best.