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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 12, 2003
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Another painting done in front of people for the San Diego Comicon art auction (benefits going to charity).

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kenmeyerjr's picture

ah, nah, marley, that is just when I uploaded them...some are from as far back as the early 90's...I do get a lot done, tho! Finishing up some new vampire portraits (color), and will upload those soon.

thrax-1's picture

this is a goodin,just the nightly ambience of the piece.very textural piece too which is quite nice....Ken you have almost 200 pieces in your gallery.and all pieces seem to be from march onwards.you must have an incredible work rate Tongue..haha great work..

kenmeyerjr's picture

Those are some sweet comparisons, James! Both of those are incredible artists...I don't know that I followed either (they came along after I had really gotten into painting), but I can see similarities, especially in Muth. High praise, indeed!

somerset's picture

Hi, Ken! Comparisons are a bit of a lazy compliment, but I hope you don't mind me saying that your artwork reminds me a little of a cross between J.J.Muth and John Bolton, your use of shade and light is quite extraordinary, using the light on nearly minimal lines to achieve almost photo-realistic figures, marvellous!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Anneth, I hope to go to SD this year (we just moved to DC from there a few months ago)...it is gonna be a lot harder and more expensive tho, so it is slightly up in the air. I have made plans to go, but if finances get too stretched, it might go the way of the dinosaurs. I am always in artist alley when I go, tho, so look for me there. If I go, I plan on trying to do a life size painting of one of the Daredevil movie characters, so watch out!

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Dang, I wish I could've seen it. This is a great piece, and I don't know why, but feels very Luis Royo like. Must be the girl's hair. *G* I was at the '01 Con and I remember seeing a bunch of artists being on stage with their "mini" studios *hehe* Will you be going to SDCC again this summer?

kenmeyerjr's picture

Thanks very much, Victoria...I appreciate the feedback very much...another success story about painting in front of people, though I would have never thought if possible (of me)!

weyakin's picture

Really cool! Nice doggy...::pat pat:: I like your use of lighting. It conveys the moonlight well, through the backlit affect, as well as the front light to give the figures more value. I like the fur on the werewolf too and that crazy, toothy grin!

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