Father and Son by kenmeyerjr

Father and Son

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 12, 2003
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Another early White Wolf piece, but an idiosynchratic one...not too many rasta vampires out there!

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hey, thanks, rochelle..that was one of my more detailed pieces, and it worked out pretty good.

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This is awesome! Just my sort of thing...That horned skull is inspiring me.

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thanks very much! When I go thru the daily additions to this site, I sometimes feel unworthy, to be honest!
This one was one my earlier pieces, and it really worked mainly because of the models (actually a real father and son), and the wacky additions of mine (the staff, the masks)...and possibly the strange idea of the child reaching into his baggie of blood.

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A whitewolf artist *already liking you*... then I hafve to storm your galary *smilez*...

This one is great, b/c of the atmospheare + your magnificent work in watercolor.
I like this one very much. I'ld too much like to know the story Wink


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Thanks Cameron and Chad...yeah, this is one of my favorites, partially because the subject matter is so wacky...the boy was actually his son...unfortunately (or fortunately), they didn't have a ton of skulls laying around, so I had to cover that part on my own.

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Ahhh, I remember this! Jog my memory, is it the 2nd Ed Storytellers handbook that it's from? I just can't place my fingure on it. Have always liked this one, the kid adds extra freakyness to it Smile

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I recognized this and "To Survive" from Spectrum. Welcome to Epilogue!

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Hey, my first comment...you, Danny Staten win......my undying gratitude! Thanks a heap!

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Okay, the more of your gallery I see, the more amazed I am at the mastery you have with watercolor. Consider me extremely impressed.

Art at its best.