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Added: May 21, 2003
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This one was for the Magic the Gathering game. I don't know if I totally succeeded with this one, since there is supposed to be a big bad defeated creature in the hole at her feet, and I don't know if that is evident enough. You tell me.

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I think the main problem is that the hole is only a fifth of the visual field. You might have brought it to a fourth by slding the left side closer to the figure, but that is still a small portion of the art.
Given the size of the displayed art (on a card), I would think a third of the piece would be minimum necessary for clarity. Unless the client specified a trap, you might have considered just dropping the hole and making the defeated creature more prominent...

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yeah, darn it, sometimes they just don't work...I shoulda tried harder!

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May I make a humble suggestion? No? How bout a brazen one? Try placing a recognizable object (in this case, it could have been a couple spears or something) so that they diminish into the distance. It helps the viewer grasp perspective; and don't worry if this one didn't work out. I'm sure we're all busy envying the others in the gallery. =)

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nice done! you really get to see it all better now up close... I play magic and the hole is just a dark spot on the card... (btw you couldn't even tell it was a woman on the card, so... )
still, nice done and I love the muscle building you gave her

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Mucho cool image Ken, but no, you didn't get the desired effect. Smile

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erh... what hole ? The edge needs to be more sharply defined.

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yeah, I was afraid of that...I had a hard time showing both the depth of the hole, the darkness of it, and the size of the defeated creature....

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I get a really good feeling that the woman has just defeated something, but I couldn't quite see the creature at first. I saw it when I read your description, but the hole is what is hard to see depth in, so it makes the creature look relatively small. Overall, nice picture though.

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Hey I remember this from a while ago , I bought a pak of magic cards for my daughter and this as one of them...(o.k. the cards were for me..) anyways I really like the perspective and fierceness about this one...I can relate , been feeling like this lately

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oh wow!.. she's doing some serious war cry there it looks..

Art at its best.