An Eye for an Eye by kenmeyerjr

An Eye for an Eye

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 23, 2004
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OK, I went ahead and did it...I made a larger (in color) version of Grevious Angel (luckily, it worked out both for a class assignment and to have a new piece for DragonCon). It turned out pretty good, I think...but I would love opinions, of course!

There is a message, but hopefully not in your face...the title is a clue.

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kenmeyerjr's picture

thanks, guest...this is indeed one of my favorites and I think one of my best!

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I am mesmerized by this image... cannot stop staring at it... the colors, so vivid, the imagery... just gorgeous and intense. I dabble in watercolors but this simply blows my mind. I also enjoy your spooky subjects, the 'spooky' is something I explore (via photography) on my own website- Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us, Ken --Shady

flemart's picture

Hey Ken, Thanks for all the kind words, I've seen your work in Spectrum and really dig your stuff also! I did a bunch of cover stuff for White-Wolf a few years back, but haven't worked with them in a while.

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I have to admit I browse this site as a hobbyist who enjoys the art that is produced in fantasy settings and more. And I've been a fan of your work from the very first image of yours I've seen White-wolf publish. Finding your collection here and seeing all of my favorite images in one place is just awesome. But seeing this peice.

It is simply gorgeous I could stare at it all day long.

kenmeyerjr's picture

aw, you are too nice, rita, thanks very much for all the nice comments!

rita's picture

Ken - I am running out of words - praising your work...

griffingirl's picture

Hey, do you keep your edges crisp, in your watercolors? Do you use some sort of mask/frisket? This is one of my faves, to be sure....

kenmeyerjr's picture

Thanks again to everyone! Ward, the painting is about 20 x 30 or so.

taz's picture

wow. your use of colour, lighting and expression are inspiring.

kizalon's picture

awesome work! The colours and contrast is very powerful That background is just breath-taking, I admire your skills =)

guyinaboat's picture

Ken great sense of scale. What the size of the original? Good to see strong work .Makes me want to paint!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Thanks all..and looks like most of you picked up on the message..didn't want to go overboard. Glad the palette worked too!

Guest's picture

Beautiful image! Great work Ken, as usual. Beso! Claudia.

djinn's picture

This is water colour? Amazing palette! I was not aware you could get this effect with water colour - great job.

varian's picture

Ah excellent! So nice to get to see this with color (although the b/w version still has its own appeal). And yes, stupid wars suck stupidly. Sad

pakage's picture

Brilliant use of complimentary colors. Fantastic pose and expression. Superbly rendered. Um...I dig it!

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Yo Ken... Lovely piece... Love the color combination...

The message... WTC -- Baghdad?

Art at its best.