Ghost Story by kenmeyerjr

Ghost Story

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Added: Mar 02, 2005
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This is for an illustration class, illustrating one of the many ghost stories that circulate here in Savannah. There is a short (very short) story I wrote based on the main idea that is part of the layout, but I cropped it out to show the main image better. Again, me trying oils and wondering how the hell you people do it that do it well!

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kenmeyerjr's picture

Thanks...I still have a ton more to learn to even consider myself a good beginner in oils!

nelchee's picture

This immediately caught me with the sinister atmosphere, and weird perspective Smile
I never tried oils, and it always seemed like such a hard thing to do.

strangeling's picture

Awesomely creepy piece - I love it!!!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Loooooook into my eyes, will now go out and buy the new William Shatner cd....goooooooo, buuuuuuuuy.

toeknuckles's picture

oh man, this is genuinely creepy! the look on her face is just evil and're trying to hypnotise me aren't you? well, it's working!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Oh boy, no way do I handle oils as easily (if that is even true) as watercolors, but thanks! I am just an infant, no, a sperm cell, in the learning of oils...and I have a loooong way to go!

That's me, a sperm cell.

j-art's picture

wow - a very scary one - i think you did a great job with those oils - oils are so completely different than watercolors, but i bet you will handle them as well as you handle your watercolors - and your watercolor pieces are definitly one of the best i have ever seen -- thanks for sharing your work with us, i can learn so much from it - thanks!

Art at its best.