Big Ape by kenmeyerjr

Big Ape

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 12, 2005
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Here is your classic Big the assignment on saturday and it was due monday. I used the multi-tiered process that C.F. Payne uses, which utilizes acrylic, watercolor, oil and colored pencil. Whew!

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lorenzo's picture

The light in this one is fantastic!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Thanks, Uwe...I just added some more details, to make it better, and will upload the new one soon!

j-art's picture

That has to be REAL skill, to turn out such a great piece in such a short amount of time – WOW!!! But as I told you already, if someone can do it than you are the one!

bcorbett67's picture

Like this one a lot, I really like the perspective and the sense of action Smile

kenmeyerjr's picture

Well, as always, Chris, you are too kind. The dimensions are about 12 x 15 or something like that...proportional to a dvd box, which is what it is for (a promotional thing for a game).

As for the technique, here you go...

Do it on illustration board, thicker the better, tho I have had fine luck with regular ply illo bd.

After the drawing is finished, fix it with could use the fix that will be used later, which is Sureguard Retouchable spray.

Then, apply acrylic (mixed with gesso) washes over the piece, using the lightest color that any given area will be. This is basically an underpainting.

Then, after dry, spray with the sureguard. After dry, apply watercolor washes over this, treating it as a more advanced underpainting, trying to get it as finished as you can.

After dry, mix the oil paint with turpentine (about 1 part light green to, oh, 5 parts violet...the green is to make it a less saturated violet). Apply this as an overall wash over the whole thing. Let dry for about half an hour to an hour. Then, using a kneadable eraser, wipe out the lights and/or areas you don't want the violet on. After dry, apply sureguard again.

After totall

griffingirl's picture

Whoa! This is BY FAR one of my faves!! All the planets were in alignment for you, Ken, and kicked arse! What were the dimensions? And I know I saw somewhere you'd posted the aforementioned Payne process; maybe you could give us that link again. To absorb and gaze at in wonderment.... Wink

kenmeyerjr's picture

Thanks definitely was daunting...the deadline, anyway!

Guest's picture

That's great, and quick too! The colours work well and I like the tilted prespective.

rita's picture

Cool work, Ken! And considering the timeschedule you had - it is the more amazing!!

thrax-1's picture

some serious showing of skill to, ken. it is one of my favourites from you for sure. Multi tiered process worked a treat here imho Wink. great colours and perspective.

Art at its best.