Grandma Evil by meshuggah

Grandma Evil

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 13, 2003
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Grandma Evil, painted in photoshop 6.

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grond's picture

Just found your gallery - well, I really missed a lot until I saw this!

That is incredibly cool and grim - don't know how these two could be combined, but that's fact - and the details are perfect!

Altough that is not your newest work, I find the best one!

Ha det bäst!!!!

Med vänlige hälsningar,


Guest's picture

personally, I like the way the backround looks now. The colors bring out a "cold" effect, like ice. A red sunset could be confusing (or it might add a nice contrast *shrugs*) When I saw Grandma for the first time, I thought I was going to throw up, yet I couldn't stop staring at her 5 cm from the screen. Very thought out, it gives a "look at me!" kind of quality. Almost like the evil grandma is dragging you in *shudders* Overall, great job!

Guest's picture

i wish i could have her as a sacrifice thats how scary

Guest's picture

I agree whith Markus about the sunset but anyways simply marvellous!!

Guest's picture

First of all i think the picture is great espessially the viens and wrinkles on hear forehead and the markings. the only bad thing i have to say is that the ear looks as if half of it is havering in mi-air but it is not obvious at first glance and i understand that it must be at that angle etc other than that great work!

Guest's picture

Thanks for making it, it has inspired me in many ways. It's awsome.

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isenho's picture

the detail and textures! the realism! very good job. this looks similar to the Warcraft 3 portraits. what is this for anyways? Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Det va fan den bäst målade bild jag någonsin sett. Keep on with that... Du har en beundrare som gärna vill se fler bilder.

Guest's picture

absolutly wonderful!

Guest's picture

that looks like something that would haunt your dreams EXCELLENT!!! mistique

thrax-1's picture

WOW,that is fantastic to say the least.absolutely love those textures,its fantastic

Guest's picture

Have you ever read 'The Decent' by Jeff Long? If you have - then Grama dearest here looks exactly what I pictured a Hadal to look like. Amazing...

Guest's picture

perfect !!!
I love your style.
I hope have your talent in futur.
I try to find some artist as good as Luis Royo and you are Smile

kicki's picture

This is a fantastic piece of work, SUPERB! But would´nt it been more powerful with a red sunset in the background, try that and I promise it will open your eyes!
Bye bye Baby!

Guest's picture

Great work! Especially the lighting and the "carved" quality of her facial glyphs. Uggh...glad my grandma doens't look like that!

Guest's picture

Great work !

aragorn's picture

Absolutely amazing! Absolutely freaky! This picture has so much depth and texture. Very well done.

christar's picture

She looks fricken evil!
This also brings images of "ghosts of Mars" to mind; although, I'm sure this type of character was around long before that movie. The texture is just amazing, is it a combination of filter techniques? Or is it completely hand rendered? Nevertheless, the final effect is all that counts, and this is indeed a powerful image. Great work. Smile

kassandra's picture

Those scars are suberb. Hair too. Very scary picture, indeed.

twopynts's picture

The skin texture and lighting are superb, I love this image. Did you use any special techniques to get the skin that way?

bcorbett67's picture

I really like the skin texture here, it brings the picture to life. Great Job.

Art at its best.