I Wish These Worked by silentkitty

I Wish These Worked

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Added: Mar 17, 2004
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Tongue Vector art.

Poor little Atie is stuck up in a tree with wings that won't hold him up..

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cherber's picture

EEEK! VECTOR ART!?! I love vector art, and I try to do some myself. Very nice stuff, and wow... vector art. Great work! Such a cute little critter.

silentkitty's picture

Thanks for the comment! Vector art is art done in a program like Adobe Illustrator that's mathematically based, rather than pixel based (which is called raster art). It's usually drawn using separate shapes, and can be resized to be as small or as huge as you want without losing any quality. Smile And little Atie is part of a species from the comic that I'm working on that doesn't currently have a name, hehe. They're just little fuzzy rabbit-dragons at the moment. Wink

Guest's picture

waaaaa I LOVE this!! atie is so cute, what kind of creature is he? and i have to make an ignorant a** out of myself and ask you - what is "vector art"? I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that there are no lines here.... well, you did a *great* job, and i wish that I could describe the wonderful feeling i get by looking at this =)=)

Art at its best.