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Added: Mar 18, 2003
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Actually, it was probably not actually a 75 lb sword. A sword like that would not only be unwieldy, especially in combat, but would be more brittle and too expensive. Especially considering the heaviest axeheads tend to weigh "only" 20 lbs. But I agree...good picture. I like the "sketchy" tone to it, and the mood it conveys.

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I'm sure you can lift 75lb's with one arm, but take that weight and forge it into, a 3 foot sword and swing that around with that same 1 arm. Now tell me, if you still have your head intact, how that felt.

Great drawing, keep up the good work.

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you gotta be kidding, i can lift 75lbs wif one arm boy, seriously what you said must be a hell of a mistake or .....mmmmm no comment

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I like this one--simple and subdued, but eyecatching all the same.

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I recently heard that archaeologists found the buried remains of a viking who once wielded a 75lb sword!!! This pic shows just how big you would really have to be to do that! It also shows the harsh upbringings children went through in that world. Harsh world = harsh upbringing. Great pic!

Art at its best.