Moonpriestess by drac


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Added: Jun 24, 2004
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A picture I did for WarCraft3

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Very Cool Picture!!

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Tiger, tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could create thy fearfull symetry.

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all of these picture are wonderful and hope to see more of it.

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very nice picture

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The girl is absolutely mesmerizing!! Skin tones, shine, moon, sky, armor's great!!

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I love the tiger, the moon... and especially the armor and its details. Everything is beautiful! Great Work.

From Camille, french girl ^^

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simplemente hormoso

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Awesome. Just awesome. All of it. Laughing out loud

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really good picture... the nightelf looks good and the background too
but the tiger looks like he wasnt made for this picture.. like he was copied in the picture

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Brutally awesome...really touches my heart every moment I lay my eyes upon it, those tones and priestess are magically attracting. Looking towards another masterpiece!

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I saw this picture at It caught my eye so I looked you up on google and found your gallery :3. The colors are amazing, as are the details.

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I love her and the moon and her armor. Its absolutly wonderful, But I feel the tiger is a bit much. his color offsets the rest of the picture too much. And he is a tad bulky. Otherwise I love the rest of the picture.

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I know that I already commented, but my husband walked up while I was still looking at it, and he said that I should tell you to submit it at the Blizard Fanart section on their website. Well, cool beans, I'm out.

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After falling in love with World of Warcraft, to see this is great. This is awesome. I cna't wait to see more of your work!!!

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Mmm... I agree... the tiger is a tad on the flat side, but the girl is fantastic... I love the lighting and the skin tones especially. Armor rocks too! Laughing out loud

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wow! love the girl and the background, the lighting seem a bit weired on the tiger though making it look a little flat..the girl and the background are really magic!...

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Cool! I love Warcraft 3 and I think this picture is perfect ^_^

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Very nice. I like her armor and the detail on the Tiger fur is very well done.

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Beautiful Composition, the rich colors and poise is excellent. Very well done!

Art at its best.